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John Wick 4 is being called 'the greatest action movie of all time'

John Wick 4 is being called 'the greatest action movie of all time'

Keanu Reeves makes his long awaited return in the fourth John Wick film, which has an impressive run time of nearly three hours

While no one was doubting that John Wick: Chapter 4 would be amazing, early reviews have called the film ‘one of the greatest action movies ever’.

The film had it’s London premiere last night and the reviewers are already raving about Keanu Reeves’ return as the enigmatic action hero.

While the film isn’t out yet, fans are elated about how it’s been received by critics and are eager to watch it when it finally hits cinemas.

The highly anticipated film will see hitman John Wick try to evade the High Table and earn back his freedom from the shady underworld syndicate.

It’s the fourth entry for the franchise, which began back in 2014 with the hitman being forced out of retirement as seeks revenge against those who killed his puppy.

Though you’ll have to wait a little longer to see the film, critics have been raving about it after a lucky few got to attend the screen in London’s Leicester Square last night.

Keanu Reeves returned as the beloved hitman.
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Taking to Twitter, one viewer scored the film a staggering 9.5 out of ten and wrote lengthy tweet about how much they enjoyed the action thriller.

“One of the greatest action movies ever made, #JohnWick4 tops all 3 of its predecessors in storytelling, scope & stakes, countless astonishing set pieces, hard to fathom it’s all contained within one film, Bill Skarsgård slays, a hellaciously thrilling franchise finish 9.5/10,” they tweeted, gushing about the film’s baddie, Marquis.

It’s hardly surprising though, as the last film got a near perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes and received a score of 89 percent fresh.

Even those who were hesitant about the fourth film’s lengthy run time have been impressed, with one critic saying that it ‘never lets the action feel exhausting’.

Director  Chad Stahelski had teased a massive run time for the film.
Entertainment Pictures / Alamy Stock Photo

Many had been nervous when director Chad Stahelski teased that the fourth film would have a massive run time, as it’s nearly three hours long.

In his most recent interview with Collider, the seasoned filmmaker told them that he was excited to share the lengthy film, saying: “Look, I've watched this thing now, this version of the cut, close to 100 times, and another 100 by the end of the month at least. And this is the first one that we watch. I don't get bored at all. It's my own film.”

He added: "I know it's weird to say, but I watch it, and I was like, ‘Oh, I'm still in the movie'. It doesn't take me out. I don't ever feel like, ‘F*ck, just end this thing already. I can't watch it again'."

John Wick: Chapter 4 is in cinemas March 24.

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