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Jeopardy! contestant speaks out after viewers accuse him of looking like Hitler

Jeopardy! contestant speaks out after viewers accuse him of looking like Hitler

Jeopardy!'s Brian Henegar has hit back at the trolls

New Jeopardy! champion Brian Henegar has spoken out following a barrage of internet trolls likening his appearance to German dictator, Adolf Hitler.

On Tuesday (4 April), an episode of Jeopardy! showed guest services agent, Henegar, 40, winning $23,201 (£18,669) on the beloved game show.

If you’re unfamiliar with Jeopardy!, it is a show where three contestants routinely compete to win big cash prizes.

The aim of the game is to win the Final Jeopardy! round. If you are successful, then you’ll appear on the next game to defend your title.

When host Ken Jennings announced the win, Henegar was visibly shocked. He gripped the podium in complete surprise, laughed, and clutched his chest when it was revealed he had the highest score.

Ken Jennings and Brian Henegar on the set of Jeopardy!

“As I believe it is slowly dawning on you,” said Jennings, “you are the new Jeopardy! champion!”

A flood of fans headed to social media to express their love for Henegar’s 'priceless reaction'.

One wrote via Twitter: “Seeing the reaction of tonight’s Jeopardy champ made me so, so happy. It’s cool to see someone so genuinely happy/surprised!”


Another said they were ecstatic to see 'how excited today’s winner was'.

Unfortunately, as well as positive comments, Henegar was apparently sent a slew of messages from internet trolls, who likened the Tennessee winner’s appearance to that of Hitler.

In response, he took to Twitter and wrote: “So I have two things to say right now, and then I’m not gonna say anything else about the matter for the sake of my own sanity.

“For starters, even though I’ve spent about 10 years on it, I’m shaving off my moustache tonight…too much work to keep it tight.

“And second, to all of you jerkolas [who] thought comparing my appearance to one of the most evil dictators, who ever lived was the height of comedy, when I get my Jeopardy! winnings, I will be making a donation to the Anti-Defamation League.”

Henegar responded to the trolls.

Following the statement, fans of Jeopardy! have come out in support of Henegar and are urging him to 'forget about the haters'.

“You do you and do not let the haters get you down,” replied one person.

Another said: “It’s your choice to wear your hair any way you wish… Besides, Ken [Jennings] complimented your moustache and I value his opinion more than that of all the haters combined.”

Brian Henegar has faced criticism from internet trolls for his appearance.

And a third Twitter user came to Henegar’s defence, writing: “The fact Brian Henegar on Jeopardy! last night is being compared to a historically evil dictator based on his looks is utterly disgusting.

"Bet it’s because all the haters are jealous of his knowledge… Go touch grass.”

Henegar defended his title on the show on Wednesday (5 April) and he is expected to go for a third title on Thursday (6 April).

Featured Image Credit: NBC

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