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Jackie Chan shares long-anticipated Rush Hour 4 update
Featured Image Credit: Imaginechina Limited / AJ Pics / Alamy Stock Photo

Jackie Chan shares long-anticipated Rush Hour 4 update

Legendary film star Jackie Chan has shared an update on Rush Hour 4, and it is good news for fans.

Veteran film director and star Jackie Chan has made a rare public appearance, which saw him confirm the existence of a new anticipated film.

The 68-year-old has not been involved in a film since Wish Dragon, which was released last year, but he has another film in the works alongside 2023's Ride On.

Chan has, of course, confirmed he intends to return to one of his all-time classics in Rush Hour.

Speaking at the Red Sea Film Festival in Saudi Arabia on Thursday, Chan confirmed he is currently in talks to make Rush Hour 4.

Chan starred in the three Rush Hour films between 1998 and 2007. Alongside comedian and actor Chris Tucker, the Rush Hour franchise told the story about a Hong Kong inspector who forms a rather interesting relationship with a US officer to solve a series of international crimes.

Chan told an excited crowd in Saudi: "We’re talking about part 4 right now", adding that he was meeting with the film's director this evening to discuss the script.

The legendary film actor did not disclose who the director would be though, with Amercian filmmaker Brett Ratner directing the previous three.

Jackie Chan has announced a new exciting update on Rush Hour 4.
Danny Chan / Alamy Stock Photo

But in the years following Rush Hour 3 being released in 2007, Ratner has been heaped in controversy - so his return may appear unlikely.

In 2017, seven women - including actors Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge - accused Ratner of sexual harassment and misconduct.

Despite always denying the claims, Warner Bros. dropped the filmmaker from a lucrative deal it had with the company.

The original Rush Hour director has also not directed a film since 2014, so may be a bit rusty to head up a film once more.

That first film was a huge hit for Chan and co, grossing an impressive $244 million (£207 million) worldwide.

But later in Chan's speech, the 68-year-old admitted he thought the film would bomb at box office, resulting in him having to quit Hollywood thereafter.

Jackie Chan starred alongside Chris Tucker in Rush Hour.
Maximum Film / Alamy Stock Photo/ NEW LINE

He said: "I tried so many times to go to Hollywood, but after that, I said no more Hollywood because my English is not good, they’re not my culture, they don’t like this kind of action."

Chan then spoke on when he received the Rush Hour script and how he would give Hollywood a go one 'last time' - but of course, the rest is history.

"My manager said look, there’s a script, and it’s called Rush Hour," he said.

"I said no, Hong Kong police? I’m not going to do it. He said Jackie, why don’t you try last time. I said okay, this is the last time."

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