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Steve-O recalls the one Jackass stunt even he wouldn't do
Featured Image Credit: Yahoo/LANDMARK MEDIA / Alamy Stock Photo

Steve-O recalls the one Jackass stunt even he wouldn't do

There was one Jackass stunt in particular that even Steve-O thought was too much for him.

Jackass star Steve-O has spoken about the one stunt he absolutely refused to do for the first movie.

The stars of Jackass have put themselves through a lot over the years, but there are a few stunts even they didn't want to do.

Thing is, the stunts that are really out there were often the ones which brought in the most laughs from the audience, and once you've shown how far you're willing to go, it's really just a question of how much further you can be pushed before you have to draw a line.

Considering the crew's first movie opened with that iconic moment of them thundering down a hill in a giant shopping trolley, it's hard to imagine what they'd say no to, though each person had things they absolutely didn't want to go in for.

Steve-O has put himself through a lot for our entertainment.
Cinematic Collection / Alamy Stock Photo

While he was game for plenty of stunts during his time and putting his body on the line for Jackass, Steve-O did put his foot down once while filming the first movie.

Speaking to Yahoo, Steve-O said the one stunt for Jackass: The Movie that he didn't want to do was the 'Toy Car Up the Butt' stunt.

If the name didn't spell it out clearly enough for you, for this stunt Steve-O was asked to shove a condom containing a toy car up his own rear end and then go to hospital for an X-Ray.

While they got 'all this great footage' of Steve-O backing out of the stunt, what really made the moment work was when Ryan Dunn stepped in to save the day and took one for the team.

Steve-O reckons it worked out well as he called the moment 'the most iconic, incredible thing we ever filmed' and it really did end up being one of the most iconic moments in Jackass history.

Steve-O was willing to do this, but he wouldn't have a toy car shoved up his butt.
AJ Pics / Alamy Stock Photo

Each Jackass cast member had their own personal limits where they'd draw the line, but they also took part in a whole bunch of stunts they decided were 'too shocking to air'.

Steve-O recalled that locking Johnny Knoxville in a box and rolling him down some stairs was 'violent as hell' and didn't make it in.

He also remembered another stunt where Knoxville shot himself with a handgun (while wearing a bulletproof vest) that got cut for being a bit too much.

There was also another Knoxville stunt (spotting a pattern here?) where he was hit by a car which ended up on the cutting room floor for being a bit too out there.

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