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Johnny Knoxville opens up on the Jackass stunt nobody wanted to do that made Bam Margera cry

Johnny Knoxville opens up on the Jackass stunt nobody wanted to do that made Bam Margera cry

Johnny Knoxville's stunt in Jackass Number Two made Bam Margera cry.

Johnny Knoxville has opened up on the Jackass stunt nobody wanted to do and even made Bam Margera cry.

Knoxville's decision to do the 'riot control' stunt in Jackass Number Two was absolute madness.

The 2006 sequel follows daredevils - Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera and Steve-O - who go for the gross-out when they subject an unsuspecting public to more outrageous stunts and practical jokes. Danger, pain and bodily fluids are in plentiful supply as the gang tries to up the ante in the continuous quest to shock and annoy.


Well in one scene we witness Ryan Dunn, Knoxville and Margera who put themselves in the firing line of a 'riot control test'.

Yes, it really is as terrifying as it sounds.

The machine is basically an explosive non-lethal mine that shoots approximately 700 45-calibre rubber balls at 500 feet per second.

While Dunn and Margera are clearly against the idea, it's daredevil Knoxville who works his magic and convinces them to give it a go.


When the mine explodes, the group are instantly hit and scream in absolute agony.

Knoxville - who stands right in the middle of the two - somehow managed to stay on his feet, which is pretty crazy as he had the least amount of protection.

However, the other two are in shatters on the floor.

Margera is lying on the ground in tears, while Knoxville is there making fun of him.

When the group lift up their t-shirts they are bruised and bleeding as the rubber balls seemed to completely tear off the skin.


In a resurfaced interview on YouTube, Knoxville opened up on what happened.

"After we did the test in front of the cast, no one was going to do it except for me.

"And then Bam was telling us no way is he going to do it.

"But I remember convincing him with 'look it's just loud'."

Commenting on the clip, one fan said: "Somehow Knoxville is simultaneously the most put together and the most psychotic of the crew."

Another added: "Bam cried because he got hit by like 20, while the rest got 2-5 lol."

While a third also said: "I still refer to these lines today when trying to convince someone.

'It’s just loud, it’s gonna hurt really badly but it’s just loud'.

"There’s only one Johnny Knoxville.

"This man didn't even fall over or nothing what a f**king savage," someone else thought.

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