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Man helping Bam Margera record Johnny Knoxville diss track claims he's just trying to help him
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@zvbbv

Man helping Bam Margera record Johnny Knoxville diss track claims he's just trying to help him

Bam Margera was seen recording a diss track with ZVBBV weeks after disappearing

The man who shared footage of Bam Margera recording a diss track has said he's trying to help him.

A clip emerged this week of the former Jackass star in a studio just a couple of weeks after he disappeared. Check it out:

It's been a tumultuous period for Margera, who's been struggling with his mental health and addiction issues.

His brother Jess put out an urgent appeal to try and track him down, claiming they were 'running out of time'.

After being photographed in a bed at a detox clinic, footage was uploaded to social media that showed the 43-year-old with a music producer, appearing to record a diss track about Johnny Knoxville.

The clip, which was originally posted by music producer ZVBBV to his Instagram story - shows Margera dancing around a recording studio alongside multiple other people.

Bam Margera was seen in a music studio recording a diss track.

The diss track references the fallout between Knoxville and Margera, who used to be good friends.

Their relationship hit the rocks in 2021, with Margera suing Knoxville and Paramount for allegedly 'accosting and coercing' him into signing a 'Wellness Agreement', which reportedly required him to take regular drug tests and led to him being struck off from appearing in Jackass Forever.

Obviously, the recent upload grabbed the attention of the world's media and Margera's fans, who have been concerned for his well-being.

To get some answers, one such fan got in touch with ZVBBV to see what their motives were.

The footage was posted on Instagram.
Instagram/ @zvbbv

In a screengrab of the conversation, which was shared on Reddit, the fan said: "Man, hopefully you don't take advantage of this dude and let those around him take advantage him and hopefully actually give a s**t about his sobriety so he can be here for when his child turns into an adult."

ZVBBV replied and assured the fan that he was actually trying to help Margera.

"We're absolutely not," he said. "We thought it would be fun to have him try something sober and that he

doesn't do regularly.

A fan got in touch with ZVBBV as they were concerned by their motives.

"We're actually trying to get him to be around sober pro skaters like my bud, Dashawn Jordan."

The music producer then added: "Yeah f**k all that. I work with celebrities often and we're just making sure he's not on anything and gets his life back together.

"He's a childhood hero of ours and I don't want ppl to think he's become a villain. He's an awesome dude especially sober."

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