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Steve-O says he'll never give up on Bam Margera while sharing an update on his alcohol recovery

Steve-O says he'll never give up on Bam Margera while sharing an update on his alcohol recovery

Steve-O recently spoke to his friend and former Jackass co-star

Jackass star Steve-O has vowed to ‘never give up’ on Bam Margera as he continues his battle with addiction. 

Margera has had a long history of addiction, resulting in him attending rehab numerous times over the years – and it's been far from a smooth ride.

In June this year he was found in a Florida hotel after skipping rehab for the second time, and last year became involved in a very public spat with the Jackass crew after he was fired from the Jackass Forever movie.

Now, Steve-O has given an update on Margera’s condition, saying he was ‘in good spirits’ but admitted that he was still resisting the idea of ‘surrendering to recovery’.

Steve-O has said he’ll ‘never give up’ on Bam Margera.
Erik Pendzich / Alamy Stock Photo

Revealing that he had spoken to him earlier this week, Steve-O told SiriusXM’s Faction Talk: “He sounded super drunk, but he was in good spirits. 

“It’s so f***ing nuts how he’s not just resistant to the idea of surrendering to recovery, but just how he literally just doesn’t seem to grasp the ‘disease concept'.

“He’s like, ‘Man, if I just stay busy … It’s when I’m not busy doing stuff all the time, I get into trouble ...’ It’s, like, that’s not how it works, dude. You think you would know that by now.”

Steve-O also promised he wouldn’t give up on his long time pal and co-star. 

“I love him,” he said. “I love him. And even if I didn’t love him, I’d never give up on him because, you know that’s how it works. 

“I’ve been physically present at almost every stop on his years-long tour of rehabs and psych wards. 

“I’m careful never to try to push sobriety on anybody. I feel strongly that if you do that what you’re actually doing is pushing them away from sobriety.”

Last year, Margera filed a lawsuit against those involved in Jackass Forever, including Johnny Knoxville, MTV and Paramount Pictures, claiming his civil rights were violated after producers made him sign a ‘wellness agreement’, before cutting him from the flick after Adderall was reportedly detected during a mandatory drug test.

However, in April this year Margera dropped the suit.

Bam Margera with Johnny Knoxville in 2003.
dpa picture alliance / Alamy Stock Photo

Despite his pubic feud with other members of the Jackass crew, Steve-O said he has never run into problems with Margera, describing himself as the ‘Switzerland of Jackass’. 

He went on: “I’ve done absolutely nothing to try to sugarcoat anything. My relationship with him is great. 

“When I spoke to him a couple nights ago, he goes, ‘Dude, you know, I just want to thank you, man, because you’ve always been there for me.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’ve always been there to tell you how awful the situation is'.”

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Featured Image Credit: SiriusXM/YouTube/@bam__margera/Instagram

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