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The Haunting of Hill House duo are bringing a new mysterious drama to Netflix

The Haunting of Hill House duo are bringing a new mysterious drama to Netflix

This looks like the perfect watch for Halloween.

With spooky season just around the corner, many of us are turning to streaming services like Netflix to get our fright on this autumn.

Now, it's been announced that a new show is coming from the creators of The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor.

Titled The Midnight Club, the show's synopsis reads: "At a manor with a mysterious history, the 8 members of the Midnight Club meet each night at midnight to tell sinister stories – and to look for signs of the supernatural from the beyond."

Check out the teaser trailer here:

In a bid to get to the bottom of the ultimate question – is there life after death? – the teenage club members vow that the first one of them to pass will come back to haunt the remaining members.

Produced by Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy, the new series is based on the book of the same name by Christopher Pike.

Macy said told TV Guide: "That's a pretty big mystery – what happens after you die, but we're going to take a crack at it."

He added: "If you were trying to draw a line between R. L. Stine and Stephen King in 1990, it's hard to do it without going through Christopher Pike."

The new series won't just have well-known producers.

Heather Langenkamp of Nightmare on Elm Street will be stepping into the shoes of the woman who runs the hospice, Dr Georgina Stanton.

The Midnight Club is based on a young adult book of the same name.

The show's other producer, Mike Flanagan, explained that unlike their other recent offerings, The Midnight Club is aimed at a slightly younger audience as it is based on a young adult book.

"One of the big things we assumed was that the younger viewers could handle scares," he said in an interview with Empire.

However, there will be less monologues in this show as the producer didn't think younger people would want to listen to them.

He added: "I wouldn't subject a viewer of The Midnight Club to an eight-minute monologue."

Flanagan went on to explain that he is a fan of Pike's work because it is 'advanced' for younger readers. "His work was hugely formative for me," the horror producer said.

"He wrote some pretty advanced stuff for his younger readers, and it was not at all uncommon for his teenage characters to die, pretty shockingly.

"His books were full of things I found really exciting and thrilling and dark."

The Midnight Club will be available to stream from October 7.

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