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First trailer for Godzilla spin-off series sees Kurt Russell unite with son Wyatt

First trailer for Godzilla spin-off series sees Kurt Russell unite with son Wyatt

The series is set to be released on AppleTV+

The first trailer for Apple TV+'s new Godzilla spin-off series is here, and it promises a whole lot of action.

Check out the trailer below:

The new series, titled Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, comes after the Godzilla franchise first kicked off in 2014.

The universe expanded with the release of Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs Kong, but now the big monster is set to come to the small screen.

Featuring The Hateful Eight and The Christmas Chronicles actor Kurt Russell, the series will pick up in the aftermath of 2021's Godzilla vs Kong, which, to put it lightly, left the city of San Francisco in a bit of a mess.

The film also saw the world recognize the existence of enormous Titans, so there's really a lot for the characters to deal with in the new series.

There's a sight you never want to see.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters will track two siblings as they follow in their father's footsteps to uncover their family's connection to Monarch.

To delve deeper into the Monarch organization, the series will span three generations - a story which loops in Russell's real-life son, Wyatt, who will also appear in the series.

Interestingly, Wyatt is set to play the exact same character as his dad.

The father and son will both take on the role of Army officer Lee Shaw, with 37-year-old Wyatt playing him in a flashback 1950s setting, while his dad, 72, portrays him half a century later.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is set to drop on AppleTV+ from 17 November.

Featured Image Credit: Apple TV+

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