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Gerard Butler 11% Rotten Tomatoes rated movie sneaks to Netflix top spot
Featured Image Credit: Voltage Pictures

Gerard Butler 11% Rotten Tomatoes rated movie sneaks to Netflix top spot

The action thriller originally made its debut in June 2022

Netflix's Top 10 list has officially proven that critically acclaimed films aren't always the most popular as a new Gerard Butler movie has managed to make it to the streamer's top spot.

Opting to watch a film or TV show from Netflix's Top 10 list can often be an easy way to overcome any difficulties you're having in the decision-making area, but obviously not every title is suited to every viewer.

We all have our preferences when it comes to watching TV - which is why the true crime murder shows aren't always going to go down well with the faint-hearted, but that hasn't stopped series like Dahmer shooting into Netflix's Most Popular.

Check out one of the streamer's latest hits here:

A recent list on Netflix appears to prove that the same can be said for films deemed poor by critics - it doesn't mean people aren't going to tune in.

This month, Gerard Butler's new film Last Seen Alive dropped on to the streamer, telling the story of a man whose soon-to-be ex-wife mysteriously vanishes. Will, played by Butler, is then launched into an investigation of the town's criminal underbelly in an attempt to find her, all while running from the authorities in a race against time.

Last Seen Alive first debuted in June 2022, and some of those who have had the pleasure - or perhaps displeasure - of seeing it didn't have the best reactions.

Last Seen Alive has received very mixed reviews from viewers.
Voltage Pictures

The film has earned a score of just 11 percent on Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer, though some of the reviews suggest it shouldn't have even made it that far.

Critic Mark Goodyear wrote: "Last Seen Alive is as generic as it gets and should serve as a warning to anyone looking to cash in without effort with one of cinema’s most overdone plots."

Brian Orndorf commented: "Creative risks aren't taken here, with Butler basically asked to be the hero yet again, trying to convey confusion in a movie that doesn't trust the audience to appreciate such a disorienting journey."

The critics don't speak for everyone though, and after Last Seen Alive arrived on Netflix in the US it quickly made its way to the number one spot of its Top 10 Films. A number of users took to Twitter to voice their praise for the film, and even encouraged others to give it a watch.

One viewer tweeted: "Last Seen Alive is so good on Netflix!" as another wrote: "Last Seen Alive on Netflix! Another good watch!

Obviously, critics know what they're talking about when it comes to films, but that's not to say people still can't enjoy the movies. Check out Last Seen Alive yourself on Netflix now to see whose side you're on.

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