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Jennifer Aniston said a male Friends actor was very unpleasant on-set

Jennifer Aniston said a male Friends actor was very unpleasant on-set

The American actress has spoken out about a negative run-in she had on the set of Friends.

Jennifer Aniston has spoken out about a negative run-in she had on the set of Friends.

It turns out not everyone was as affectionate on set as the title of the hit US sitcom would suggest.

A lot more than we realised went on behind the scenes of the show, whether it be Matthew Perry (Chandler) abusing drugs while filming, or Cole Sprouse forgetting his lines because of his crush on another cast member.

Jennifer Aniston has since opened up about one particular male actor who tainted her experience while shooting Friends one day after he turned up to set with an 'attitude'.

In a virtual interview alongside Friends co-stars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow on The Howard Stern Show, Aniston explained why the moment got to her so much.

She recalled: "It was as if they were just too 'above' this, to be on a sitcom. And I remember when we were doing a network run-through, the network and the producers would just laugh. And this person would be like, 'Listen to them, just laughing at their own jokes. So stupid, not even funny'.

"It was just like, 'What are you doing here? Your attitude, this is not what we're all about. This is a wonderful, warm place to be, and you're coming into our home and just s**t on it'."

Aniston has spoken out about the negative 'attitude' of another actor on the set of 'Friends'.
Warner Bros

Aniston told radio-host Howard Stern she and the other male cast member have since made amends.

Aniston reflected: "The funny thing is, that male did apologise about their behaviour years later, and just said, 'I was so nervous, to be honest, that I wasn't on my best behaviour'."

When asked by Stern it is was Tom Selleck - who played the role of Dr Richard Burke, Monica's parents' friend and later, her short-term love interest - Aniston said it was.

Aniston joked the actor with the 'attitude' was Tom Selleck.
Warner Bros.

However, Aniston quickly clarified she was joking.

"You just don't know how cruel and unusual he is," she jibed, before reassuring, "Tom has an angel's halo over his head, it's just a permanent halo over Tom's head."

Indeed Selleck - as well as his character of Dr Richard Burke - were much-loved by viewers.

One Twitter user wrote: "I finally got to the Tom Selleck arc on Friends and this may be a controversial opinion but he has more sex appeal than all the male actors on this show COMBINED."

"I only want to watch the Friends reunion to see if Tom Selleck drops some reverse mortgage tips," another said.

A third commented: "Tom Selleck on #Friends was pure gold."

So, unfortunately for all Friends fans out there - which is pretty much everyone - it seems like we'll never get to know who the mystery man with an 'attitude' was on the set of the sitcom.

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