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Trailer imagines Fox News' reaction if The Last of Us events unfolded in real life

Trailer imagines Fox News' reaction if The Last of Us events unfolded in real life

The Last of Us has taken the world by storm, but what would Fox News have to say if it really happened?

The Last of Us hit our screens a couple of weeks ago, with fans raving about the live-action take on the post-apocalyptic video game.

But have you ever wondered how a channel like Fox News would react if it really happened? Well, lucky for you, someone else has done the hard work:

Now, obviously the world has not been overridden by a bunch of mushroom headed zombies out to infect everyone in sight.

However, if you've ever switched on the right-wing news channel, you may have noticed some similarities between the way in which they discuss the threat of 'wokeness' and the spread of an actual disease.

Just spend a few minutes - you won't need much longer - watching some of Tucker Carlson's analysis and you'll almost certainly hear him talk about the infection of political correctness and weak liberals.

Don't believe me? Well, don't take my word for it, the folks over at The Daily Show have created a trailer for what The Last of Us might look like if, instead of cordyceps, people were being taken over by the woke agenda.

Tucker is terrified.
Fox News

In the short video, the programme splices together some interesting clips from Fox, including some of its most popular hosts and contributors, like Carlson, Greg Gutfeld, and Brian Kilmeade.

"They are suffering from an incurable brain disease called 'wokeness'," cries Carlson.

While Gutfeld says: "They've all been infected by the woke virus that has emasculated their brains!"

One contributor even says that it's more dangerous than the 'Wuhan lab virus leak'.

The trailer is then cut together with scenes from The Last of Us, showing Joel and Ellie trying to survive in this brave new world, which has been overrun by parasites.

But while you might think that the Fox anchors are exaggerating when it comes to just how bad things have got, they pull out the big guns.

Some believe the woke virus is taking over.
Fox News

Wokeness has also infected big business, jeopardising the very capitalist foundations upon which society is built.

"M&M's going woke?" asks one presenter.

Another says: "Mickey Mouse is going woke!"

"Mr Potato Head is going gender neutral," someone else reveals.

While dropping a further bombshell, yet another contributor adds: "Xbox has also announced they're going woke too.

"First, they came for the confectionery, and I said nothing. Then they came for Disney, and I said nothing.

"Then they came for our consoles, and again... I said nothing.

The trailer rounds off with more of the talking heads telling their millions of viewers how they are being 'bullied into silence', and that it seems as though it's too late to save us from the disease.

Hmm, quite.

Featured Image Credit: The Daily Show/YouTube/HBO

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