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Florence Pugh confirms what her real accent is after people accuse her of faking it

Florence Pugh confirms what her real accent is after people accuse her of faking it

"That’s literally me. So sorry"

Florence Pugh has set the record straight on her real accent while addressing those who accuse her of faking it.

The 27-year-old actress is truly a Hollywood heavyweight at this point, having proved her acting chops in a wide range of roles, from Midsommar and Don't Worry Darling to Black Widow and Little Women.

Since most people are used to seeing her perform in what sounds like an authentic American accent, many assume that she's from the US of A.

But no, Pugh is actually a Brit through and through – aside from a few years in Spain, she was born and raised in Oxford.

When she speaks at awards events or press interviews, some are so convinced she's American, they accuse her of faking her British intonation.

Over on Twitter, one wrote: "Florence Pugh's British accent sounds fake. Lady claims was born in Oxford but I'm not buying it.

"She's looks and talks like she's from Kansas and went to a SEC school."

Another said: "Florence Pugh’s British accent sound so fake to me like what do u mean she’s not American?"

"Ok but why does Florence Pugh’s fake American accent sound even more believable than her actual, genuine British accent," added a third.

Perhaps because she mostly plays American roles? Just a thought.

Florence Pugh might be a little too convincing with her American accent.
Warner Bros.

Pugh addressed the accusations while appearing on Ed Gamble and James Acaster’s Off Menu podcast, with the latter comedian pointing out: "You do a lot of good accents in films."

In response, she said: "Well, I can do northern quite easily. My gran is from Grimsby so I grew up taking the piss out of my grandad."

Reiterating much of the chat online, Acaster added: "The first few things I saw you in, it was all American accents so I thought you were American."

"So many people think I’m American," Pugh explained. "Then when I do things publicly, like if I present an award or I’m on a stage talking, they’re like, 'That is the fakest English accent I have ever heard.'

"What do you think I... how... what?"

She also did a great Russian accent in Black Widow.

Understandably perplexed, she continued: "Sometimes when I’ve done Instagram Stories, [they’re] like, 'Oh my god, Florence Pugh sounds like she’s putting on an accent,' and I’m like no, that is me. That’s literally me. So sorry."

The silver lining to the trolling is that it proves she's clearly very talented in the voice department - so much so that one fan created a trailer for Marvel's Black Widow featuring just her character Yelena Belova's Russian accent.

Plus, she's not the only one - Millie Bobby Brown had the same thing when fans discovered she speaks the Queen's English.

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