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Fans Think They’ve Worked Out What’s Happened To Max In Stranger Things Finale

Fans Think They’ve Worked Out What’s Happened To Max In Stranger Things Finale

Fans who have seen the season finale of Stranger Things think they know what happened to Max.

*Spoilers for the season finale of Stranger Things season 4, read on at your own risk*

Fans think they know what's happened to Max in the climactic finale to season four of Stranger Things.

It's been a very tough season for Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) as she has spent much of season four trying to avoid getting killed by Vecna.

While that's a main goal for all of our characters, Max was in particular danger after getting singled out by the monstrous Stranger Things villain as a future victim.

Vecna's method has been to torment his victims with disturbing images only they can see, preying on their worst fears before he moves in for the kill.

When that happens the poor, unfortunate soul is put in a trance and lifted into the air, where their eyes glaze over and their bones crack, killing them painfully.

Max only just dodged this fate earlier in the season after the kids figured out listening to your favourite song could provide you with an escape from Vecna's clutches.

That escape has worked wonders for Kate Bush, with her song 'Running Up That Hill' reaching new levels of popularity thanks to its use in the show, but sadly Max couldn't shake off Vecna forever.

In the dramatic finale to season four the kids cooked up a plan to take down Vecna by luring him to go after Max, and destroying his body in his lair while he did so.

Sneaking into Vecna's childhood home in Hawkins, Max tried to draw the villain out while Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) was on standby with some Kate Bush to save her when the time came.

Sadly, the plan went wrong and she was only saved right at the last second, leaving her with broken bones and blank eyes.

Now, fans think Max has been permanently blinded by Vecna's attack, and if she wakes up from her coma they reckon she won't be able to see.

Some fans suggested that Max might gain another sense in exchange for her sight, potentially allowing her to keep tabs on Vecna in some way.

Another victim of the upside down, Will (Noah Schnapp) seems to have gained a special sense for when supernatural things are afoot – and Max might be able to do the same.

Others just said they wanted the character to catch a break after suffering a series of traumas ever since arriving on Stranger Things, while plenty were heartbroken to realise Max might not be able to skateboard anymore if she loses her sight.

With only one final season of the show to go and a climactic battle with Vecna looming, what part Max might have left to play in saving Hawkins remains to be seen.

Stranger Things season four is available to stream on Netflix now.

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