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Fans have mind-blowing theory Elf and Barbie are actually connected
Featured Image Credit: New Line Cinema/ Warner Bros

Fans have mind-blowing theory Elf and Barbie are actually connected

There's huge speculation about a 20-year connection between Will Ferrell's characters

A movie buff has spotted an eerie similarity between Will Ferrell's characters across three films – despite them being filmed 20 years apart.

There's nothing like a good film theory is there?

And there's plenty of them to go around - like this chilling one about Jude Law's character in The Holiday or the Harry Potter and Narnia universes somehow being connected.

However, this TikToker thinks that there's a 'storyline' surrounding Will Ferrell's characters across three films.

Ivan Mars believes he's connected the dots between the two movies.

In the 40 second clip that’s since gone viral on TikTok, Ivan Mars points out that within the first film Elf, Buddy The Elf has a specific job which might have had a ‘domino effect’ on the other roles.

'So Buddy the elf learns to build toys. But wait, what if after realizing he likes Lego, he becomes a collector?' the voiceover on the clip says in reference to Farrell's character in the 2014 film, The Lego Movie.

Ivan then says to 'wait for the best part' - as he points out the link between Elf, The Lego Movie and also Barbie.

"As an elf, he also used to build dolls," Ivan continues to say.

'Eventually Will Farrell's character becomes the CEO of a dolls manufacturing company,' he says.

'This means these three movies are set in the same universe,' he then says triumphantly.

Pretty wild theory if you think about it.

And TikTok users were pretty shocked at the idea that there could be a possible connection between the three films.

One commented: “I made the Lego Movie connection but I completely forgot about the Barbie Movie."

While one excited user joined in: “The North Pole-NYC is a lot like the Barbie travel scenes!”

Someone else joked: "Will Ferral [sic] multiverse."

However, some thought it was pretty farfetched as one person commented: “OMG...there were cars in Elf, that means it's connected to Talladega Nights?”

While another said: “'Haha I’ve had it with the internet already.”

And a third commenter just wrote: "Or just hear me out. He played in multiple movies."

However, he's not the first person to come up with the Elf/Barbie/LEGO theory as it has been previously proposed to The Lego Movie directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

'Absolutely 100 per cent true, and we imagined it and designed it from the beginning,' Miller joked to Digital Spy.

He then added: "We knew one day Greta would pick up the mantle and run with it.

"But yeah, I really subscribed to that theory."

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