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Elizabeth Olsen Accidentally Revealed Doctor Strange 2 Plot In Interview Seven Years Ago
Featured Image Credit: Credit: Marvel Studios

Elizabeth Olsen Accidentally Revealed Doctor Strange 2 Plot In Interview Seven Years Ago

Olsen, who plays the Scarlet Witch, earlier described her dream story as 'unbelievable'

Seven years prior to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Elizabeth Olsen accidentally stepped upon its 'unbelievable' plot.

When Olsen debuted as Wanda Maximoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron, alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson's ill-fated Pietro aka Quicksilver, the everyday moviegoer likely didn't think much of it. The clued-up among us knew better.

Wanda has since proven herself to be one of the strongest - if not the strongest - Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If Thanos hadn't 'rained fire' on the Endgame battlefield, he'd have fallen by her hands.

This is a major spoiler warning for Doctor Strange 2. If you haven't seen the trailer, check it out below:

She's also endured fairly substantial trauma: first, she lost her brother; in Captain America: Civil War, she accidentally blew up a building in Lagos and kickstarted the Sokovia Accords; in Infinity War, she was forced to kill Paul Bettany's Vision, only for her sacrifice to be rendered pointless by the Great Titan moments later; and in WandaVision, she was forced to give up her half-dream, half-nightmare reality with her two 'children', and became the Scarlet Witch.

In Doctor Strange 2, the titular sorcerer finds her alone after the events at Westview, trying to use the Darkhold to track down her two boys - whom she created using her powers, and aren't actually real - across the multiverse.

Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlet Witch.
Marvel Studios

Hell mend anyone who tells her they aren't her actual babies, though - as teased in the trailers, Wanda is very much the villain in Multiverse of Madness, chasing down our heroes like a horror villain (hence the hiring of Sam Raimi as director).

If you sat me down seven years ago and told me half of the things Kevin Feige has managed to pull off in the MCU, I'd laugh in your face. Funnily enough, Olsen would have been the same.

In an interview around the release of Age of Ultron, Olsen was asked what she'd like to see Scarlet Witch do next.

She said: "I mean, my favourite is House of M but that would never happen.

"But if she could have two fake babies and everyone tell her that they don't exist and her just go nuts, that would be unbelievable – but I don't think they're going to do that [laughs].

"It might be a little too dark for the Marvel Universe. When she loses her mind, it's my favourite thing in the comics."

Maybe we should check out other interviews to see what else the Marvel stars have manifested.

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