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Drew Barrymore says that she's talking with Adam Sandler about doing a new movie together

Drew Barrymore says that she's talking with Adam Sandler about doing a new movie together

The Scream actress revealed that her and Sandler have been in 'talks' about a new film, during the latest episode of her talk show.

Drew Barrymore has revealed that she and her former co-star Adam Sandler are ‘actively’ in talks to do another film together.

The pair have starred in multiple romantic comedies since the nineties, with audiences not being able to get enough of their on-screen chemistry.

Having not appeared alongside each in almost a decade, a new film could be in the works after Barrymore made the admission about Sandler on her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show.

It came after the show’s panel were talking about Tom Hanks and Robin Wright’s on-screen reunion, when her co-host Ross Matthews asked the actor about working with Sandler.

“I love when people we love in movies, like, reteam for a movie. So, I'm gonna ask you on behalf of everyone: you and Adam Sandler, are we doing another one?” teased the Drag Race host.

Fans of the Charlie’s Angels actor cheered in the background as she confirmed that they were ‘seeking’ a project together.

“We are definitely talking about it. Oh, yeah. For sure,” Barrymore said, adding that: “There's conversations to find the [right movie]. We're actively seeking to find the thing.”

However, she remained tight-lipped other whether this would be another rom com and instead told viewers: “We're always — you know, I think it's very script/story specific.”

Drew Barrymore said that she's 'actively' looking for a project with Sandler.
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Leaving the audience wanting more, Barrymore refused to say anything else but it was clear her fans are eager for another film with her and Sandler.

In fact, they’ve been begging studios for another film starring the pair long before she dropped the bombshell on her show.

Taking to Twitter, one fan spoke about their last appearance together and wrote: “WE!!! NEED!!! A NEW!!!! ADAM SANDLER!!!! DREW BARRYMORE!!! ROMCOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The last one was Blended in 2014, NINE years ago. I cannot wait any longer!!!!!!!!!”.

Others felt the same, with one saying that she missed the Scream actor.

Speaking about Sandler’s other films, they tweeted: “Even though Jennifer Anniston is his new work wife. I miss Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler”.

Whilst the fans await news of a potential new film, they’ll have to make do with the duos impressive back catalogue of movies.

The pair have starred in several rom coms, including 50 First Dates.
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The pair first appeared alongside each other in 1998’s The Wedding Singer, before reuniting for 2004’s iconic amnesia-based rom-com 50 First Dates.

They also started in 2014’s Blended, which is about two single parents who find love, but this was their final film together as Barrymore took a break from acting shortly after this.

However, is the Ever After actor about to come out of retirement?

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