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Disney unveils trailer for live-action Peter Pan with exciting first look at Tinkerbell

Disney unveils trailer for live-action Peter Pan with exciting first look at Tinkerbell

And Jude Law steals the show with his iconic take on Captain Hook.

Disney has dropped the first teaser trailer of the upcoming live-action Peter Pan movie and it has left fans absolutely frothing.

The trailer comes months after an exclusive first-look at footage during Walt Disney's D23 Expo in September.

Audiences catch a few tantalizing glimpses of the breathtaking landscape of Neverland.

Fans also get to see a few exchanges between Wendy and the film's hot-tempered pirate villain, Captain Hook, played by Jude Law.

See the new trailer here:

And it looks like there is conflict on the horizon for those two.

No shocker there, because if you've seen previous iterations of the classic tale, you know tensions are about to boil over.


Alexander Molony will star as Peter Pan, the boy who refuses to grow up.

Ever Anderson will take on the role as the logical and clever Wendy Darling.

But the most exciting part is our first look at Tinkerbell, Peter Pan’s iconic sidekick and hot-tempered and moody fairy.

Taking on the cheeky yet volatile imp is Yara Shahidi, who will trailblaze her way into Disney history as the first first Black woman to take on the role of the iconic imp.

People on social media blew up at the glimpse of Shahidi as Miss Tink, and opinions are divided.

One user said: "She’s serving, but we need to stop doing live actions like say you ran out of ideas and go."

Others warned Twitter to batten down the hatches for another racism row à la the furor surrounding Halle Bailey as Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

One person said: "Ahh, this is gonna be Ariel 2.0. I can already see it."

A second added: "Unlike Halle with Ariel, this woman doesn't fit Tinkerbell."

A third commented: "Here we go again."

One Twitter user served this point: "Who’s rooting for Paris Hilton to play Pocahontas? Come on guys."

So watch this space and wait for the woke accusations and pearl clutching to come rolling in, we guess.

The live action movie will follow the same classic tale by J. M Barrie about the ever-youthful Pan.

Of course, he'll whisk Wendy and her brothers to join him in the magical plane that is Neverland, where children can live without fear of ever growing up.

Queue shenanigans of all things fantastical and impossible, such as meeting mermaids, playing with fairies, and more as the children wallow in the limitless optimism that childhood can bring before adulthood crushes their souls.

Peter Pan & Wendy will drop during Disney's 100 year anniversary celebrations and will be available for streaming from April 28 on Disney+.

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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