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Disney+ removes terrible edit it did to hide Daryl Hannah's bum in Splash

Disney+ removes terrible edit it did to hide Daryl Hannah's bum in Splash

The studio had played around with the scene to cover the actor's modesty

Disney+ has restored a scene from Splash after it tried to edit out an actor's bum.

The iconic 80s rom-com sees Tom Hanks star as a lad who is saved from drowning by a mermaid (Daryl Hannah) as a young boy and goes on to fall in love with her 20 years later. It was, and remains to this day, a huge hit.

However, in a bid to make it as appropriate for its platform as possible, Disney decided to alter one scene so that Hannah's derrière is obscured from view.

Check out their handiwork below:

Said scene involves Hannah's character and Hanks kissing on the beach before she runs off and dives into the sea.

In the original cut, Hannah's bottom was only covered by her hair, and you really can't see anything.

But not happy with how it looked, Disney's tech boffins had a play around with it and manufactured some artificial locks to cover things up even more.

And it didn't look great.

Disney has restored the original cut (right).

But now, with the addition of the Disney+ parental lock feature, the CGI alteration has been removed and the original version restored.

Earlier this year, Marvel Studios' CGI was criticised by fans who claimed that it had been declining in quality over the years.

Marvel fans took to Twitter to unleash their criticism on the studio's use of CGI, with one accusing Marvel of 'really slacking'.

One fan shared four images including a still of Florence Pugh from Black Widow.

The caption reads: "This is what happens when a VFX team is forced to crank out 5 movies and 8 shows in a year."

Another fan argued that the 'peak' of cinema and VFX occurred in Iron Man.

"Still holds up more than a decade later," they wrote.

Another fan replied to a post about the CGI in She-Hulk, arguing the effects look 'great' in Marvel movies.

"That Thanos CGI was really generational lol even the peach fuzz detailed AF," the user wrote.

A second said: "'CGI' is trending because of the #SheHulk trailer. We went from Thanos-level CGI to this?'"

"I'm still very much looking forward to She-Hulk but uh they couldn't just paint her green? Or get a huge muscle lady for the She-Hulk parts. That CGI face is not GIVING," a third stated.

Featured Image Credit: Disney+

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