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Denzel Washington returns in The Equalizer 3 as new trailer drops
Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures

Denzel Washington returns in The Equalizer 3 as new trailer drops

It's 'the final chapter' for The Equalizer with Denzel Washington returning for another action packed movie

The trailer for The Equalizer 3 has just landed and is packed full of plenty of wonderful Denzel Washington-based action.

Yes, Robert McCall is back to kill a whole load more people in an incredibly entertaining way for the third and possibly final movie of The Equalizer series.

Watch the trailer:

The movie is reuniting Washington and Dakota Fanning almost 20 years after they starred together in 2004's Man on Fire where he played a former CIA agent and she his abducted daughter (one might almost say she was taken).

Anyhow, they're back acting alongside each other in another action movie with The Equalizer 3, which is once again to be directed by Antoine Fuqua who helmed the first two and Training Day.

In the trailer we get to see McCall trying to relax in southern Italy before realising that his friends are under the thumb of local crime bosses and he must protect them.

Denzel Washington won't enjoy killing all those people in The Equalizer 3, but you'll enjoy watching him do it.
Sony Pictures

Being the super action hero that he is, McCall must give the bad guys a thorough explanation of why they're wrong and set them on the proper path in life through the medium of shooting them repeatedly until they die.

The Equalizer 3 was confirmed last year by Washington, who said in January 2022 that the film script had been completed and he'd have to get back into shape for his action scenes.

All that training certainly looks to have paid off as the trailer showed us plenty of sneak peeks at some of the action set pieces we can expect to see when the film lands in cinemas, including one moment where Denzel uses a wine bottle to beat up the bad guys.

While the trailer promises it's going to be 'the final chapter', you should never say never when it comes to counting out an action hero.

Perhaps this will be the final Equalizer movie, but maybe Washington could team up with some other action stars, as Keanu Reeves thought the idea of a crossover with John Wick would be 'crazy good'.

Oh no! Our hero is surrounded by bad guys with guns and all he has is the power of incredible violence to save him, whatever will he do?
Sony Pictures

Sadly it's also crazy unlikely, but we can always dream, can't we?

It hasn't all been smooth sailing for the movie's production, however, as last year the hotel the production crew were staying in was raided by police and two members of the catering crew were arrested.

Over 100 grams of cocaine were also recovered in the raid which was launched after a member of the catering service supplying food to the production of The Equalizer 3 died of a heart attack.

Fans were really happy to watch the trailer, saying they were 'so excited' to see Washington back on their screens, though they'll have to wait a few months before we get a full look at the movie.

The Equalizer 3 is due to release in cinemas on 1 September.

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