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Dakota Johnson tries naming Tom Holland's three Spider-Man films and it goes badly wrong
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@joshuahorowitz

Dakota Johnson tries naming Tom Holland's three Spider-Man films and it goes badly wrong

Dakota Johnson gave three hilariously bizarre answers when asked what Tom Holland's three Spider-Man films were.

Dakota Johnson’s apparent blunder has seen her ridiculed online after failing to correctly name any of the recent Spider-Man films.

Actress Dakota Johnson has either made one heck of a blunder or is a comedy genius.

While promoting her latest film, Madame Web, she was interviewed by MTV and had hilariously incorrect answers to a simple super hero question.

She was asked to name Tom Holland’s three Spider-Man films and boy was she well off the mark with her response.

Just for clarity, the three films are Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Tom Holland played Spider-Man when he joined the MCU in 2016.

Wildly popular upon their release, made a stupid amount of money and is debatably the only Spider-Man trilogy that is brilliant start to finish.

Considering that Johnson is starring as a character in the Spider-Man universe and her film is now in cinemas, you would think she might be able to correctly name at least one of them.

Her answers: Spider-Man: Here He Comes', 'Spider-Man: And He's Back', 'The Goblet of Spider-Man'.

Now, this could be Johnson’s dry sense of humor and to be honest, it is quite funny if that is the case, especially the Harry Potter reference.

But if not.... oh boy she is going to feel the ire from the Spider-Man and superhero film fans.

Some social media users let their frustrations heard, commenting on videos of the clip that have begun circulating X.

“How do you agree to star in a movie where you're playing a spin-off of a top 3 most popular superhero in the world, and you can't answer a basic question,” one annoyed fan wrote.

“This is a bad look. she should at least somewhat understand what she’s getting into when taking a role,” another wrote.

“Ok, I felt bad about the movie tanking, but now I feel like she deserved it lol. Come on bro, how you gonna do a Madam Web movie and not even know the names of the mega popular Spider-Man movies. Literally your job to get into the role,” another commented.

Some social media users criticised Johnson for her answers.

However, there were some that insisted the actress was obviously joking.


“It’s the fact ppl can’t tell she’s obviously joking around,” another said.

“She’s just having some fun here. Brilliant,”

Well either way, whether she was being genuine or joking around, it probably won’t help Madame Web at the box office which is faring poorly against reviews since it was released on Valentine’s Day.

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