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Christina Ricci Reveals She Walked Around Naked On Set To Make People Comfortable

Christina Ricci Reveals She Walked Around Naked On Set To Make People Comfortable

The actress wants people to 'stop reacting’ to nudity

Christrina Ricci says she used to walk around naked on set in an effort to combat the awkwardness of being naked.

The 42-year-old has revealed she employed the rather unusual method to get used to being naked on the set of films; by getting naked off-set too.

The actress, who has been starring on the screen since childhood, opened up about her experience of female nudity during a Variety’s Actors on Actors roundtable.


Speaking with Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney, Ricci shared: "Once I had to do a movie where I was naked pretty much the entire time.

"The thing that made me more uncomfortable was other people being uncomfortable with me being naked. So what I did, and you probably wouldn’t be allowed to do this now – I just stayed naked.

"I was like, 'Don’t make me feel weird, like I’m the person who has to be ashamed'."

The film Ricci is referring to is thought to be Black Snake Moan, in which Ricci played a sex addict opposite Samuel L. Jackson and Justin Timberlake. The role saw Ricci nude or in sex scenes for much of the 2006 movie.

Ricci revealed she discovered her unusual method of getting comfortable with nakedness during her time filming Black Snake Moan.
Paramount Pictures

Ricci continued: "I would talk to crew members naked. I wanted everybody around me to stop reacting to it, because then I would forget that I was naked. And it worked. But it’s one of the only times I’ve ever actually really felt comfortable being naked on camera."

The actress also chatted with fellow industry stars about how the film industry has evolved and changed, with women more confident to speak up if they feel awkward on set. The Yellowjackets star said: "With the conversations that were had on our set about intimacy and people’s comfort, it was the first time I realised that things have really changed, and women are now allowed to say, 'I’m not comfortable'.

"I mean, I remember once on a movie saying I wasn’t comfortable with something and they threatened to sue me if I didn’t do it. That would never happen now. I didn’t do it anyway. And they didn’t sue me."

Ricci has had her fair share of nudity throughout her acting career.
Nicole Rivelli/Amazon Prime Video

While Ricci has acted in some pretty risqué scenes and been given her fair share of nudity, including a full-frontal scene in Z: The Beginning of Everything, Ricci added: "I haven’t done a sex scene in a couple years. I’m at that age where they don’t ask you to do them so much anymore. I mean, I don’t really enjoy them."

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