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Fans aren't happy after watching Chris Hemsworth movie Extraction 2
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Fans aren't happy after watching Chris Hemsworth movie Extraction 2

Despite the film receiving a near-perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes, fans aren't happy with Extraction 2.

Having waited almost two years for the sequel, fans aren’t happy with Extraction 2.

The Netflix film sees Chris Hemsworth reprise his role as Tyler Rakes, a black-market mercenary – this time on a mission to save a family being held captive by a crime lord.

Though the action movie has been praised by critics, there’s one detail that has annoyed fans of the franchise - spoilers ahead.

As the second film ups the anty, it’s protagonist Tyler (Hemsworth) takes a beating over an intense 21-minute-long sequence.

During the epic fight scene, the action moves through a state-of-the-art prison to a car chase and even onto a train as the mercenary battles to save Ketevan and her two children, Sandro and Nina.

At one point, our hero is even hit with a brick (yes, really) and has a Molotov Cocktail thrown at him as multiple henchmen begin to swarm.

Unlike Hemsworth’s superhero alter-ego, Tyler doesn’t have a magical hammer to help him and resorts to using a dumbbell to hit back at his attackers.

Whilst the mercenary goes all out to save the family, fans were shocked that one character seems to escape unscathed - despite having no military training.

It’s caused some movie fans to dub captive teen Sandro (Andro Japaridze) the ‘most annoying’ character in film history - harsh.

The detail has enraged some viewers who took their frustrations online.

Taking their frustrations to Twitter, one fan shared a photo of the character and wrote: “The only annoying part of Extraction 2 was this guy not getting a single scratch while his family either got shot or beat up.”

Others agreed, with another adding:” I’m still wondering why it was only foolish Sandro that was unhurt in the whole of Extraction 2.”

A third tweeted: “Extraction 2 is worthy all the hype but that Sandro character…I now understand the hate for him.”

However, one viewer was so enraged by the teenager that they called him ‘one of the most annoying characters’ ever.

Despite their anger, the Twitter user wanted to state that their issue wasn’t with actor Andro Japaridze – who stars as the troubled in the Netflix film.

The tweet read: “Sandro in Extraction 2 is one of the most annoying characters I have EVER seen in a movie. I have nothing against Andro Japaridze, the portrayer of said character. After all, he's playing a fictional human being. But I HATED this fictional human being.”

This detail shouldn’t put you off watching Extraction 2 though, as the film has received a score of 79 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes.

You can stream it now on Netflix.

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