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Fans spot Bryan Cranston exactly replicate Walter White in latest season of Your Honor

Fans spot Bryan Cranston exactly replicate Walter White in latest season of Your Honor

You have to be a hardcore fan to notice this.

Breaking Bad fans have just spotted Bryan Cranston embody Walter White in the latest season of his show, Your Honor.

I'll warn you now, you'd have to be a very hardcore Breaking Bad fan to spot the comparison here, but people have so I might as well share it with you:

Yes, that's right. A simple finger-point.

This scene in episode three of the latest instalment of Your Honor reminds fans of Walter White simply because of the way that Bryan Cranston's character, Michael Desiato, points at someone.

I told you it was hardcore.

One eagle-eyed fan, who spotted the so-called 'Cranstonism', played the Your Honor clip and the Breaking Bad clip side-by-side to explain what he saw.

"While watching this scene last night from Season 2 Episode 3, I saw the finger-point and was immediately transported back to the 'buy the RV' moment with Jesse," the fan shared.

"I consider it a Cranstonism that comes out in his acting no matter the character. See for yourself."

Remind you of anyone?

When I watch them side-by-side, I have to admit they do look eerily similar.

Keen for more evidence that this finger-point was a 'Cranstonism', other fans are on the hunt for other examples.

'"Now let's tie [this] it into a Malcolm in the Middle episode," commented one viewer. "Who's willing to go through all of those?"

A second wrote: "I’m sure Hal was pointing at Malcolm all the time!"

That's good enough for me!

If you really are looking for some Breaking Bad easter eggs in Your Honor, Bryan himself has promised that there's a big one in store.

Before season two of the crime drama premiered this month, Bryan teased: “As a nice little Easter Egg, there’s a very important role of an actor who comes on and is part of the Breaking Bad universe.

Speaking to the New York Post, he continued: "So it was fun to see that person, and I won’t say who it is, but that person comes on and we have a really cool interaction.

Season 2 of Your Honor premiered this month.

"We just pulled in the best actors we could find and let them do their thing and it made for an alchemy that really has an explosive finish."

Could Jessie and Walt be reuniting once again? Or could Bob Odenkirk be getting back into the criminal law game now that Better Call Saul is officially over?

Who's your money on?

The first three episodes of Your Honor season two are out now Showtime, while season two will premiere in the UK on Paramount Plus on 3 February.

Featured Image Credit: SHOWTIME/AMC

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