Breaking Bad Fans Point Out Obvious Flaw As Aaron Paul Reprises Role As Jesse Pinkman

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Breaking Bad Fans Point Out Obvious Flaw As Aaron Paul Reprises Role As Jesse Pinkman

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The final season of Better Call Saul has been announced, whipping Breaking Bad fans into paroxysms of hysteria.

The show's creators have confirmed that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are set to reprise their Breaking Bad roles for this sixth and final season.

The rumours about the return of meth-cooking duo, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, to our screens was confirmed at PaleyFest LA.

Peter Gould, who has been involved in the production of both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul let the cat out of the bag on Sunday, 10 April.

"I don’t want to spoil things for the audience, but I will say the first question we had when we started the show was, 'Are we gonna see Walt and Jesse on the show?' Instead of evading, I’ll just say yeah."

However, the response from fans of the show has been mixed.

The overwhelming majority of fans are excited about the cross-over, with some commenting that it was an 'insane night for the Better Call Saul community' and another writing, 'Kaboom! Let’s do this'.

However, other fans have noticed a glaring problem with the revival of Aaron Paul's character Jesse Pinkman in a prequel show.

One fan said that he 'cannot stop thinking about 42 year old Aaron Paul playing 17-18 year old Jesse Pinkman on Better Call Saul this year'.

Some viewers were more optimistic and argued that the real age of Jesse Pinkman's character is likely to be older than other commentators claim.

One wrote: "Jesse was never 17-18 on Breaking Bad. His character was supposed to have passed through Walt's class years ago. He's in his mid-20s when we first meet him."

But the same fan conceded that the apparent age discrepancy could be minimised by reducing Jesse's cameo to phone calls, writing: "(But, yes, he looked way too old in El Camino already. Maybe if we're lucky the cameos will just be phone calls.)"

Other fans resented the announcement on the grounds that it undermines the drama of the final season.

"I really, and I vehemently mean really, don't want to be teased about what's coming up, I wan't to find out by watching," wrote one frustrated Better Caul Saul die-hard.

Co-creator Vince Gilligan first teased that Cranston and Paul might revisit their iconic roles last week, when he told Variety: "It would be a damn shame if the show ended without them appearing, would it not? You heard it here first." But with official confirmation appearing on the Better Call Saul Twitter page, hysteria is expected to reach fever pitch.

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