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Viewers are demanding Bella Ramsey receive an Emmy for her performances in The Last of Us

Viewers are demanding Bella Ramsey receive an Emmy for her performances in The Last of Us

The critically acclaimed series has been a hit with viewers, who are now demanding Bella Ramsey receive the top TV award for her acting.


The Last of Us fans are calling for Bella Ramsey to receive an Emmy Award after watching this week's episode.

Ramsey plays the defiant and pun-loving 14-year-old Ellie, who partners up with Joel (Pedro Pascal), a skilled survivor as they travel through the US as it is ravaged by a deadly disease.

In the eighth episode - the penultimate adventure in the first season - Joel and Ellie try to survive the bleak midwinter.

Joel is still injured after being attacked by a group of raiders in episode six and having to deal with a stab wound which Ellie tries to tend.

Ellie leaves Joel to hunt for food and after hunting a deer she trades the animal with preacher David (Scott Shepherd) and fellow hunter James (Troy Baker, who also acted in the original video game) for penicillin.

It is soon discovered that Joel was stabbed by a member of David’s group and they follow Ellie to find Joel and get their revenge.

The stakes are incredibly high as Ellie escapes but is eventually captured and taken to David’s camp where they attempt to kill her. She kills James and flees.

Ellie must escape James.

When David hunts her down, she manages to fight him off and eventually kills him using a meat cleaver, leaving her traumatised.

After the episode aired on Sunday (5 March) fans took to Twitter to gush about Ramsey’s outstanding performance.

“Bella Ramsey deserves an EMMY just for this episode alone,” one Twitter user declared.

“@BellaRamsey an Emmy is waiting for you #tlou #TheLastOfUs #TheLastOfUsep8,” another fan declared.

A third viewer tweeted: “Bella Ramsey earned that Emmy nomination 1000 times over again.”



References the nail-biting, frenzied death scene in the saloon, a viewer wrote: “I never played the game so I don't know how it compares, but someone needs to give Bella Ramsey of The Last of Us ALL the Emmys right now, or she'll break your f**king fingers and chop you into little pieces. Holy s**t what a performance.”

The acclaim kept coming as a Twitter user penned: “Bella Ramsey DEVOURED in episode 8 of The Last of Us give her the Emmy likeee.”

There's only one episode left until the end of the first season, but fans don't need to fret because the HBO has renewed The Last of Us for a second season.

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