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Bella Ramsey was shocked at the homophobic backlash to The Last of Us LGBTQ+ episodes

Bella Ramsey was shocked at the homophobic backlash to The Last of Us LGBTQ+ episodes

The young actor hit out at the show's 'toxic mega-fans' for their brutal campaigns against certain storylines.

Bella Ramsey has dished out an utter lashing to the hyper-critical fans who launched a targeted hate campaign against The Last of Us.

The bigoted, pitchfork-wielding internet mobs took to both social media and movie aggregator websites to tank the episodes by leaving them abysmal audience reviews.

This was a shock to the 19-year-old Game of Thrones alum.

She told Vanity Fair. "I’d never really experienced any negative reaction before. It was present the whole way through, but it died down after the initial outcry."

Ramsey revealed how she chose to react to those tearing her to shreds in the cheap seats.

"Now the show has come out I’ve stopped looking for the negative things. That’s what’s changed," the teen actor said.

"Going into that episode, I wasn’t even thinking of the homophobic trolls, to be honest.

"I didn’t register. In my personal life, gay storylines and gay people existing is so normal to me now that it blows my mind still when I’m on Twitter and I accidentally come across a homophobic tweet.

"I’m like, 'Wow, homophobia still exists in this modern world.'It’s so bizarre to me that people can still keep those views. I find it actually quite fascinating."

Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us.

Ramsey recently revealed to the world that she is non-binary, which is when a person doesn't identify as either the male or female gender.

Instead, non-binary folks feel like they have a foot in both camps or neither when it comes to gender. But Bella also said she doesn't mind if people use she/her or they/them pronouns.

She's copped trolling for revealing her gender identity. PLUS the LGBTIQ+ episodes. Oh, and for landing the role of Ellie in the first place.

The British actor revealed that the last couple of years have been big for her.

"It’s been exciting in a way, but it’s anxiety-inducing as well. How visible do I want to be? I want to still protect my privacy and my personal life, but I also want to be authentic," she said.

The teen actor went on to compare herself to the character she plays, Ellie.

"Ellie’s just existing and living and I think it’s been really nice that I’ve been able to do that [too]," she said.

And, while Twitter might be full of trolls, there are also hidden countless angels that also exist in the Twittersphere.

"To have people that you don’t know all across the world cheering you on [on social media], it’s cool," Ramsey gushed.

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