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Ant-Man fans in shock after spotting Bill Murray in new trailer for third film
Featured Image Credit: Marvel

Ant-Man fans in shock after spotting Bill Murray in new trailer for third film

The Groundhog Day star surprised fans when he appeared in the Marvel trailer

Ant-Man fans have been left baffled after spotting Bill Murray in the trailer for Paul Rudd's upcoming Marvel movie.

That's right, it's Ant-Man's turn to take on Phase 4 of the MCU in Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania, and Rudd is back in character as Scott Lang in the new trailer in which he reflects on his life as an Avenger.

Despite being mistaken for Spider-Man, Lang keeps his spirits high - a determination which proves necessary when things start to go wrong, starting with a signal being sent to the quantum realm.

Following the release of the trailer, surprisingly, the fact that Rudd has once again not aged is not what's got people talking.

Instead, fans have honed in on one face spotted in the trailer - that of Groundhog Day star Bill Murray.

Murray appears in the trailer just a split second, and can be seen wearing a fancy blue suit with gold accents on the shoulders and collar.

One viewer relied on the caps lock button to express their shock, writing on Twitter: "BILL MURRAY IN ANT-MAN?!?!?!?!?"

Meanwhile, another commented: "Bill Murray in the MCU I’m kind of here for it."

While Murray is the main talking point from the new trailer, there's no denying that Rudd is still looking as youthful as ever - the secret behind his ageless appearance being something that's actually quite simple... He just takes care of his skin and leads a healthy life.

Paul Rudd as Ant-Man.

The actor has spoken out previously about how he is conscious of possible dangerous side-effects of spending too long in the sun, telling InStyle: "I'm not one for tanning. I used to be, back when I was rocking the Depeche Mode look. Honestly, I wear sunscreen not to prevent wrinkles but because I don't want to get skin cancer.”

As well as getting caught up in too much sun, Rudd has also described changing his 'whole life' when he was cast as Ant-Man, telling AARP: “I started training and eating like an athlete: no sugar, no alcohol, just proteins and vegetables. I really loved it. It was a complete change of life that took me by surprise. I did not think living such a healthy lifestyle would be as fulfilling.”

Rudd has further alluded to his skincare routine during a reunion with the cast of Clueless at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo in 2019, when he claimed that despite refusing to age on the outside, he was actually '80 years old on the inside'.

He added: "In here, pure darkness – and a little moisturiser.”

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