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Andrew Barth Feldman put off going to Harvard to star in R-rated movie with Jennifer Lawrence
Featured Image Credit: Sony

Andrew Barth Feldman put off going to Harvard to star in R-rated movie with Jennifer Lawrence

The 21-year-old actor made a pretty big sacrifice to make the film

No Hard Feelings star Andrew Barth Feldman is full of surprises.

The 21-year-old actor stars in the R-rated movie opposite Jennifer Lawrence, 32, and it sounds like he made a pretty big decision to make it happen.

Feldman, who began acting in musical theatre, put off attending Harvard University in order to take on the role of Percy in the controversial comedy.

In the film, Lawrence plays a struggling woman called Maddie who gets embroiled in a family's plan to get their introverted teenage son to come out of his shell... by having her sleep with him.

Maddie is going along with the bizarre plan in a bid to secure a car.

Strapped for cash and a car after her previous motor was towed away, and on the brink of losing her childhood home, she answers a couple's Craigslist ad asking for someone to 'date' their 'un-f**kable' 19-year-old son Percy before he leaves for college.

Andrew Barth Feldman skipped going to Harvard to film No Hard Feelings.

Matthew Broderick and Laura Benanti play Percy’s weird parents, and Natalie Morales (Dead To Me) also stars, along with Hasan Minhaj, Kyle Mooney (Saturday Night Live), Ebon Moss-Bachrach (The Bear) and Scott MacArthur (The Mick).

Gene Stupnitsky and John Phillips are the minds behind the script, with Stupnitsky also in the director's chair.

No Hard Feelings promises plenty of cheeky chuckles, as the trailer shows the Maddie struggling to bond with the awkward 19-year-old she's been set up with.

An initial attempt to bond sees the terrified teen pepper spraying her in the face, and a later effort to assert his masculinity sees him accidentally punching Maddie in the throat.

Andrew Barth Feldman stars opposite Jennifer Lawrence in the R-rated comedy.

While promoting the new flick in an interview on Good Morning America, Lawrence praised her co-star for being ‘so smart and cool and dialed’.

She also dropped the bombshell revelation that she skipped going to the prestigious Ivy League university for the movie.

“He put off going to Harvard to do this movie,” the Oscar winner revealed. “Very Percy like.”

Lawrence, who co-produced the comedy, showered Feldman with praise and said he was ‘immediately’ right for the role.

"We just wouldn't have made the movie if we couldn't find the right Percy," she added. "We auditioned some great actors. And it was just immediate."

No Hard Feelings will be hitting cinemas on 23 June.

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