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Movie to be released in the year 2115 that you'll never see

Movie to be released in the year 2115 that you'll never see

We'll all be long gone by then

There's a movie set to be released in the year 2115, meaning we'll never get to see it as we will all be worm food at that point.

Well, unless they find out a way to magically extend our lives within the next few decades – you never know.

The film in question, aptly called 100 Years: The Movie You Will Never See, was created by director Robert Rodriguez and writer/actor John Malkovich.

Though this might pique the interest of cinema lovers out there, let it be known that it's a short film and was made as a promo of some sorts in collaboration with Louis XIII Cognac, owned by Rémy Martin.

Described as an experimental science fiction flick, its story is inspired by the hundred years it takes for a bottle of the luxury liquor to properly age.

Although details are being kept firmly under wraps until the premiere – on November 18, 2115 – we do know that Malkovich portrays the male lead.

Meanwhile, Snakehead star Shuya Chang plays the female protagonist and Redeemer actor Marko Zaror appears as the antagonist.

You might say it's pretty cruel of the team to get people hyped for a film they'll never see, but that hasn't stopped them from releasing three teaser trailers, titled 'Retro', 'Nature' and 'Future'.

A copy of the movie was shipped to the cellars of Louis XIII in Cognac, France, where it will remain in a high-tech safe that is protected by bulletproof glass.

John Malkovich and Shuya Chang star in the film.
Louis XIII Cognac by Rémy Martin

The storage unit will automatically open on the big day, where one thousand guests will be allowed to watch 100 Years for the first time.

Among the crowd will be relatives of Malkovich and Rodriguez, who have been given tickets to hand down to their chosen descendants.

Frustrating it may be, you can't deny that it's a pretty cool concept.

And the film isn't the only thing with a lengthy waiting time, as it's joined by a song written by Pharrell Williams.

Though it was also made for Louis XIII Cognac and is being stored in the safe, the key difference is that a select few people were lucky enough to hear the track at a listening party in Shanghai back in 2017.

The song, also named '100 Years', will be retrieved in the year 2117 - but only if climate change hasn’t wreaked havoc on the planet by then.

You see, it’s currently being kept on a water-soluble clay disc, and so if the sea levels rise too much, it will be destroyed.

Pharrell Williams wrote a song for the vault.
Louis XIII Cognac by Rémy Martin

Rather than being a call to action, Williams told journalists in attendance, including British GQ, that the move is more of a p*** take.

"I thought, let’s just troll all the pseudoscientists who don’t care about the ecosystem," he said.

"I wanted to say something to those guys. There are a lot of very great scientists, we just happen to have some who agree with our current administration in the United States.

"So it makes sense: they don’t believe in anything so why shouldn’t I take the p***?"

Featured Image Credit: Troublemaker Studios

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