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Influencer Tammy Hembrow's strict rules for guests at wedding divides opinion as official invite leaks

Influencer Tammy Hembrow's strict rules for guests at wedding divides opinion as official invite leaks

Tammy Hembrow is set to tie the knot later this year but her big day will have some strict rules

One of Australia's biggest influencers has had her wedding invitations leaked and it's certainly left the internet divided.

There is no doubt that weddings are a tricky business, and while they are meant to be all about the happy couple, there's an awful lot else to consider.

And it can be incredibly difficult to make everyone happy with how you decide the big day plays out.

However, some weddings even have rules - which leaves some guests a little surprised and even annoyed.

Someone who is tying the knot in the near future is influencer Tammy Hembrow and her fiancé, Love Island Australia’s Matt Zukowski.

Tammy Hembrow is getting married later this year. (Instagram/@tammyhembrow)
Tammy Hembrow is getting married later this year. (Instagram/@tammyhembrow)

After being together for just three months, the couple announced their engagement last year.

And the pair are set to walk down the aisle in November in Byron Bay, according to leaked wedding invitations obtained by Influencer Updates Australia.

The details of the invitation are now in the public eye after it was reportedly shared by a guest, another Australian influencer.

Well, the leak reveals information including the dress code, the gift list and whether children are allowed.

The invitation reads: "While we love your babies, our wedding will be child-free. Babysitting can be arranged upon request. Bubs are more than welcome to join us at the recovery party on Sunday."

Amber Paul, from Influencer Updates Australia, said: "No kids surprised me. Surely Tammy’s three kids, as well as nieces and nephews will be at least at the ceremony."

The invite adds: "Your presence on our day is the greatest gift of all. However, if you would like to gift us something a wishing well will be at our wedding for you contribution and well wishes."

UNILAD has reached out to Tammy Hembrow for comment.

The couple announced their engagement last year. (Instagram/@mattzukowski)
The couple announced their engagement last year. (Instagram/@mattzukowski)

Last year, a 22-year-old bride sparked outrage after revealing she and her husband decided on a 'child-free wedding'.

The bride took to Reddit's r/AmITheA**hole thread to question whether her and her husband's decision to go child-free was necessary.

She explained they are both child-free themselves, and because they wanted alcohol at the wedding, decided everyone had to be over the age of 21.

"This requirement so far has gone over well with most of our invitees (most of our invitees don’t even have kids anyway so it doesn’t make a difference for them)," the post read.

However, the bride did admit one friend, 20-year-old Mel, ultimately didn't make the cut because of their age and wasn't too happy about it.

The bride explained it 'wasn't personal' and she just didn't want to 'worry about underage drinking going under [her] nose on [her] wedding day,' Mel accused the bride of being 'a bad friend'.

Featured Image Credit: James Gourley/Getty Images for AFW / Instagram/tammyhembrow

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