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Domino's worker leaves people shocked after sharing how much she makes in tips throughout night
Featured Image Credit: @allison_green0/TikTok

Domino's worker leaves people shocked after sharing how much she makes in tips throughout night

Remember to tip your pizza delivery folks.

A Domino's delivery driver has shared how much she makes in tips and has gone viral on TikTok.

We've said it once and we'll say it again, tipping in the US is a very big deal.

From customers tipping too much that the server gets fired to not tipping enough and having the server go on a lengthy social media rant, it continues to be the subject of much debate.

There is a golden rule for how much you should tip, but clearly not everyone sticks to that.

In the video which was posted last month, Allison - known as @allison_green0 on the TikTok - told her 12.6k followers how much she makes in tips on a regular night as a delivery driver.

Watch the video below:

On this particular evening when Allison decided to document her shift, she delivered pizza to 11 different homes and received a variety of different tips.

Her first order of the night saw Allison receive a $3.83 tip from a customer who paid $50 cash and told her to keep the change.

Some of the households didn't leave any tip at all, even after spending $36 on pizza, but that wasn't always the case. In fact, one generous customer gave Allison $10 - her largest tip of the night.

So in total, over the course of 11 deliveries, she received $13 in cash tips and $42.29 in credit card tips. This meant Allison was averaging at $5.03 a tip per delivery. Not bad. Not great, but not bad - especially for a Monday as she pointed out.

People were shocked at how little Domino's delivery drivers are tipped.
Björn Wylezich / Alamy Stock Photo

Allison also added that her reimbursement for a night's worth of petrol was not included in the price, meaning she would be getting a little extra to add to her final count.

Since posting, the video has gone viral on the social media app, racking up loads of views, comments and likes from her followers and new spectators alike.

Some users simply could not believe the number of customers who chose not to leave a tip.

"I can't believe people don't tip," one person said.

A second added: "If I can’t tip the bill or so very close to it, then I’m not going out to eat or ordering in. TIP YOUR DELIVERY DRIVERS AND SERVERS!!!!!!"

The TikToker made just over $50 through tips.

A third added: "2/11 gave no tips? I feel like those customers should be tracked. After 5 no tip orders they get banned lol."

And a fourth said: "I’m sorry that some people are so cheap."

Despite not having the best of nights tip-wise, Allison's positive attitude was noticed and people flooded to the comments to sing her praise.

One person said: "You have such a positive attitude! I hope your manager appreciates you."

And a second added: "You have an outstanding attitude, not boring at all 10/10 delivery driver positivity!"

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