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Domino's delivery driver sparks debate after she breaks down how much she makes in tips
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@iammilenadiaz

Domino's delivery driver sparks debate after she breaks down how much she makes in tips

The driver has opened up the debate on tipping culture

Tipping has always been quite a bit of a tense subject.

Whether people pay too little, too much or straight up refuse to pay anything at all - it's clear that not everyone agrees when it comes to tipping.

And this seems exactly the case for this Domino's delivery driver after she revealed just how much she earned in tips leaving people totally divided on their reactions to the number. Check it out:

People are flocking to social media to jump on the trend of sharing with viewers just how much money they make in tips every day at work.

And this is exactly what Domino's driver Milena Diaz did when she began uploading a series of videos to TikTok, where she breaks down every single tip she receives for her deliveries, as well as totalling up the final figure at the end of her shift.

Diaz shared with her 22.2k followers just how much she takes home per shift working for the fast food pizza chain.

She explained to viewers that she worked from '5 pm until midnight' and started going through each and every single tip she received between those hours.

The night was broken down into a part one and part two video, as she began the second video with: "Delivery number 20 was $20.99. No tip."

"Onto the next," Diaz continued, "delivery number 21 was $30.67 and she tipped me like $4."

Running through a few more orders, Diaz then broke down her final order which totalled to $20.99 with the customer giving her $21.

"So I got a penny," she laughed.

Diaz once received a 'penny' as a tip.

After clocking off, Diaz said: "Lets see how much we made.

"I’m gonna count my mileage reimbursement first because I’m gonna start trying to keep that separate so it makes sense to y’all," she continued.

Diaz then counted up the $70 used for the mileage reimbursement alongside the $17 in tips made via the Domino’s app.

She then totalled up her cash tips which ended up bringing her final take-home pay for the night shift to $109.

Diaz then counted out her cash tips, bringing her take-home total for the night to $109, which she seemed pretty happy about.

However, it seems that not everyone was as enthusiastic about the tipping situation as Diaz was.

One TikTok user commented: "I’ve watched like five of your videos and I can’t believe that these people don’t tip what kind of animals are these."

Diaz's daily tips have sparked outrage online.

"This night was terrible for tips," wrote another, "I am so astonished how people tip!"

And it didn't stop there, as people have not held back their outrage at the low-ball tips, and shared their frustrations in a number of the driver's other tipping TikTok videos.

One person commented: "I am honestly so shocked why people aren’t tipping? That’s like common knowledge to tip pizza delivery."

"Why are people not tippers or tipping so low," a second revealed, "I never tip less than $10."

A third added: "So wild hearing all the no tips. I could never do that to my delivery driver."

What do you make of it?

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