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Billionaire couple heartbroken after being forced to sell luxury items that don’t fit into their new $28 million mansion

Billionaire couple heartbroken after being forced to sell luxury items that don’t fit into their new $28 million mansion

Despite moving into a new mansion, a couple have been left heartbroken after being forced to sell their luxury items.

When we have to sell something that is a prized possession, it is usually because we maybe need the extra cash and selling it is a sacrifice we have to make.

But that certainly wasn't the case for this couple, as they were left heartbroken at having to sell their luxury items.

They didn't have to ship them off because of the money, though. No, this billionaire couple had to sell them because they wouldn't fit in their new mansion.

The couple in question is former Real Housewives of Melbourne star Janet Roach and her partner Sam Gance - the boss of the Chemist Warehouse pharmacy chain.

The couple have just moved out of their Toorak mansion in Australia to a brand new one that they have snapped up on Lansell Road for AU$43 million ($28 million).

One of the items for sale by the billionaire couple.
Gibson’s Auctioneers

The massive price tag has actually set a record for being the most expensive home sold at auction in the whole of Australia.

Gance and Roach purchased the home in 2021, but did not officially move in until 2022.

For me personally, I'd be moving in the next day if I had just purchased a mansion, but that wasn't the case for the billionaire couple because of a rather bizarre reason.

The reason why was because some of their luxury items 'couldn't fit' in the mansion as it came furnished.

As a result, Gance and Roach decided to stay in their previous Melbourne property for a bit so they could hang on to items such as wonderful pieces of art for a little longer.

Roach told the Herald Sun that a lot of the items being sold was 'art we couldn’t fit into [the new] house … it wasn’t the right size'.

"A lot of it makes you cry when it goes to auction," she added.

Janet Roach said seeing the items go over to auction made her 'cry.

And for many collectors out there, Roach said that they would be receiving a bargain, as the pieces of art were being sold for a lot less than they had been purchased for.

She said: "There’s this fabulous chandelier, but it only takes candles. [Gance] paid something ridiculous for it."

But while she is rather gutted to be parting ways with some luxury items, Roach does have the exciting prospect of having a new pad.

"It’s serene and calm and beautiful," she said.

"We’re absolutely blessed and lucky."

Some of the items on sale from the celebrity couple include an antique mounted deer head with gazelle horns starting at AU$1,800 ($1,200) and a pair of 19th century French Empire candelabras starting at AU$4,000 ($2,600).

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@janetroachhw/Domain

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