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Scientists make eye-opening discovery after reaching the deepest point on Earth
Featured Image Credit: X/@deepseadawn / Wolfgang Pronai/Getty

Scientists make eye-opening discovery after reaching the deepest point on Earth

Scientists couldn't believe the surprising item they uncovered 35,000ft at the 'deepest point on earth.'

Scientists managed to reach the 'deepest point' of the earth, but were left shocked by what shopping item they found within the depths.

The deepest part of the Earth is said to be the Mariana Trench, which is located the furthest point down in the depths of the western Pacific ocean.

The Mariana Trench is a mile deeper than Mount Everest is high, so it's pretty unbelievable to think about what you'd find down there.

But scientists were dumbfounded with what they actually discovered at the lowest point of the earth.

The discovery has said to have 'disgusted' many, as it could appear as a sad symbolism for how we treat the world's wonders.

People took to social media to share their frustration of the item discovered, saying: “Yes, the extent of human impacts on the environment is… everywhere.”

Another agreed, writing: “Interesting that we as humans are able to pollute even the most desolate places on earth. We need to do better.”

An unexpected item was found at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

To reach the bottom point of the Earth, which is known as Challenger Deep, scientists travelled 35,000ft down and of all the things they imagined being there, a single beer bottle was the thing that caught their attention.

Oceanographer Dr. Dawn Wright took to social media to share the teams unexpected findings.

She shared: “What did we see upon 1st touching bottom, at 10,900+m depth w/in #ChallengerDeep? A BEER BOTTLE!

“Further evidence that we MUST as humanity do BETTER by the ocean and for the health of habitats that we ourselves share and ultimately depend on!!!'

She described discovering the beer bottle to the Los Angeles Times, saying: “It had travelled more than 6.7 miles to the darkest depths of the Pacific, label still intact."

Oceanographer took to social media to share the findings.

“This discarded trash had managed to reach an unsullied part of our world before we actually did – a symbol of how deeply and irrevocably humans are affecting the natural world.”

People responded to the confusing discovery, with one commenter saying: "I mean – I’m bad ‘cause I just think it’s kinda dope that a beer bottle made it down that far.”

Another posted: “Pros and cons about this… The positive is that we now know that a beer bottle can descend to the bottom while staying intact.

"The negative is obvious… there are human tracks where human tracks should never be.”

"The depths men will go to, to have a beer in peace!” another quipped.

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