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'Beautiful' moment cat reunites with family after surviving Maui wildfires 6 months ago
Featured Image Credit: CBS/Maui Humane Society

'Beautiful' moment cat reunites with family after surviving Maui wildfires 6 months ago

She survive in the burn zone for 100 days

A cat finally made it home to her family after surviving the Maui wildfires.

The family quickly had to evacuate the area and move to the mainland after their home was destroyed in the natural disaster last year, and lost their beloved kitty Mahina in the move.

They desperately tried to find her and even filed a lost pet report, but after nothing turned up the family started to lose hope of finding her.

But three-year-old Mahina managed to survive in the burn zone for 100 days before behind safely trapped and saved by Maui Human Society's (MHS) Fire Task Force.

Luckily Mahina was microchipped, and her family were easily tracked down and notified about their lost pet's return.

They said that they were 'overjoyed to learn that Mahina was a survivor'.

Mahina survived in the burn zone for 100 days.
Maui Humane Society

However, the difficult part was figuring out how to transfer the cat from Maui all the way to the families new location of Montana.

The organization said that 'it took a village' to make it possible for her return.

However, MHS covered the cost of Mahina's health certificate and travel to get her back to her family.

Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines also helped with the return journey, making sure Mahina was safe during the flight home.

The cat was safety returned to her family.
Maui Humane Society

The family couldn't be more thrilled to have Mahina back safe and sound, as they recently shared an update: "Mahina is doing soooo so good. She is a happy kitty and loves to play with her feather toy and watch TV with us. She stays strictly inside now, but since we are in Montana, she hasn't wanted to go outside because of the snow! She's so goofy and is so happy to be home with her parents!"

The owners also had a message for the MHS, in a video they shared: "Thank you so much. Not even just for my kitty, but for all the other animals out there that you've rescued from the fire. You're reuniting families and bringing them home. It's a really beautiful thing."

Many social media users have since rushed to the comments of the post, praising all those involved in reuniting Mahina with her owners.

One commented: "Ohana finds a way to get back together. Thank you MHS for your tireless work through these difficult times and never giving up."

Another said: "What a joyous and miraculous effort to reconnect them!! Needed something to revive my outlook of humans on this earth."

And a while wrote: "What an amazing story. Thank you for all that you do for these animals & their families. I can only imagine how distraught families are losing their best furry friends and this is so meaningful."

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