Honeymoon couple have dream flight ruined by 'smelly' passenger

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Honeymoon couple have dream flight ruined by 'smelly' passenger

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@hannahalamode_

We’ve all experienced a nightmare passenger at some point or another, whether they’re starting a drunken fight with the person next to them or they’re letting their (very loud) kids run riot.

And it turns out that even if you shell out for a premium seat, you're still not immune.

Case in point: a couple who were on their honeymoon ended up having their dream flight ruined due to a 'smelly' passenger.

To be fair, Hannah Charlotte Mol (@hannahalamode_) and her husband made the best of it, as demonstrated in a TikTok video on their trip:


Footage shows the British couple as they rock up to Heathrow, excited for their post-wedding trip to the Maldives.

Text over video explains that they've opted for British Airways' premium economy, which comes with the benefit of having more seat space from all directions.

After enjoying some food and a glass of bubbly at Gordon Ramsay's Plane Food restaurant, they head to Pret to grab a couple of pastries.

And then came time to board the flight, at which point the camera points to their seats to show just how much extra leg room they have.

But once they settle in that's when things get a bit fishy (or should we say cheesy), as the footage shows a fellow passenger's feet - sans shoes and socks.

"Oh my goodness, this lady over here has just taken her shoes off," Hannah explains.

Please not the feet. Credit: TikTok/@hannahalamode_
Please not the feet. Credit: TikTok/@hannahalamode_

"We've not even taken off yet and her feet are so smelly. It smells so bad, we’ve got 10 hours."

As if plane food weren't questionable enough, imagine trying to hold it down while someone's got their stinky digits on display.

Plenty of people commented on the passenger's terrible plane etiquette, with one writing: "You should have told the lady to put her shoes back on."

"Oh man, smelly feet is a no no," said another, while a third shared some solidarity by revealing they too have experienced 'gross bare feet' stinking their seating area up.

While it was an unfortunate situation, the fetid feet weren't enough to put Hannah and her partner off their entire journey, and they went on to tuck into a few tipples before their meals arrived.

And when they get to the Maldives, their holiday setting is absolute paradise.

Shockingly, some commenters were more focused on the fact that they splashed out on premium economy rather than first class.

"Why don’t you just fly first or downgrade to business if it’s your honeymoon?" asked one. "I never understand why people travel economy."

Another wrote: "Imagine flexing for premium economy."

The setting looked stunning. Credit: TikTok/@hannahalamode_
The setting looked stunning. Credit: TikTok/@hannahalamode_

We aren't all made of money over here. Thankfully the TikTok community were on hand to put the haters in check.

"All these people saying why don't you fly business or 1st are clearly holidaying in Butlin's," said one. "Haven't got a clue."

A second chimed in: "Congratulations! Ignore the haters. All that matters is that you two had a wonderful time."

Exactly – and by the looks of their follow-up videos, the stinky feet situation was a small mark on what was otherwise a honeymoon to remember.

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