Flight Attendant Reveals How To Get A First Class Upgrade

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Flight Attendant Reveals How To Get A First Class Upgradecierra_mistt/tiktok

A flight attendant has taken to TikTok to reveal the ways she has ‘known to work’ to get upgraded to first class seating. 

New York-based flight attendant Cierra Mistt has taken to the platform to make a series of videos that address the many questions she has been asked about her role.

Cierra has shared three hacks with her followers as to how they can get upgraded to first class completely free of charge.

In the video, Cierra (@cierra_mistt) can be heard explaining that there are ‘are a lot of ways you can get free upgrades to first class’.

Cierra, after a 14-hour shift, details how one of the ways to get free upgrades is ‘literally being NICE to gate agent and flight attendants’. The TikToker goes on to say how herself and other attendants can work ‘miracles’ if given a ‘Starbucks or bag of chocolates’. ‘Especially those long days where we have back to back flights and don’t even have time to go get some food’, she says.

The flight attendant goes on to say how a ‘common’ way they move people up to the front is ‘not just because we’re being nice’. She explains how if the flight is not full, that people will have to be moved for the purpose of ‘weight and balance’. Cierra notes how normally ‘all aircrafts are tail heavy’, and subsequently they would have to move people from the back to the front to even out the distribution of weight.

She concludes that if those two ways do not work, there is a third hack, which she will reveal in her next video.

The video acts as part seven of Cierra’s frequently-asked questions series, and has amassed more than 3.9 million views, 593,500 likes and 1570 comments. Users have since flooded to the comments to express their surprise at the hacks. One user said, ‘Catch me carrying on a Starbucks cold brew for the flight attendant on my next flight.’

Another wrote: 

As a gate agent, we don’t do complimentary upgrades and if we do it’s staff first then in order by status, ticket price.

A third commented,  ‘So based off the comments, it doesn’t work on Delta, United or southwest. Just fyi.’

Cierra also took to the comments to underline that the hacks are ‘not guaranteed to work’ and that they are just ways she has personally known to work. She also stated that she has posted on behalf of her own views, rather than the views of her company.

While you should always be nice to flight attendants anyway… Cue everyone rushing to Starbucks to buy a Frappuccino for the attendants on their next flight.

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    These are ways that I have known to work’: Flight attendant shares hacks to get a first class upgrade in viral TikTok

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    flight attendant FAQs (part 7) 💙✈️ #SHEINcares #rue21BeYouChallenge #fypシ

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