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Gordon Ramsay Sparks Outrage After Selecting Lamb To Slaughter In New Video

Gordon Ramsay Sparks Outrage After Selecting Lamb To Slaughter In New Video

The chef rubbed his hands as he told the animals it was 'oven time'

Gordon Ramsay is facing a backlash after sharing a video in which he selects a lamb to be slaughtered.

The chef posted a video on TikTok in which he giddily climbs into a lamb pen and declares: "I'm going to eat you!"

The 55-year-old then rubs his hands together and says 'yummy yum yum yum yum', before asking the oblivious farm animals: "Which one is going in the oven first?"

Ramsay then picks out his prey before jumping towards it and startling the livestock.

Watch here:

The video has been viewed more than 6.8 million times, and many of his fans found it amusing; however, there were plenty of people who were unimpressed by what they saw.

Commenting on the video, one person said: "Ok I am not a vegan or vegetarian but that crosses the line."

Another agreed: "I'm now closer to being a vegetarian than ever before."

While a third added: "Alright I think Gordon has finally lost it. Someone do something before it's too late."

UNILAD has contacted Ramsay's reps for comment.

Of course, Ramsay has mocked veganism many times before, so it's doubtful that he'll be too concerned if his TikTok upset a few people.

Too far? Or fair game?

That said, Ramsay said last summer that he was cutting down his meat and dairy intake and learning to make more vegan dishes.

In an interview with Yahoo, the Michelin Star chef said he was making the dietary changes for the good of his health – and it had actually positively impacted his cooking too.

Asked what the hardest thing to give up was, he said: "Dairy! As a chef I would be lying if I said I didn't want to indulge in rich dairy like butter, cream and milk. 

"Oat milk really helped me to maintain that richness in a healthy way. My father passed away at 53 of a heart attack because of a poor diet. I want to set a good example for my children."

He added: "It [consuming a more plant-based diet] re-energized my love of food and made me more creative in the kitchen.

"It's too easy with a filet mignon. It has made me dig deeper, which is a huge advantage."

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Featured Image Credit: @gordonramsayofficial/TikTok

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