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People saw 'disturbing' black ring that hovered above Disneyland in California
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Kyle Hawkins

People saw 'disturbing' black ring that hovered above Disneyland in California

No, it's not from vaping

In footage that sent doomsday preppers into a frenzy, a 'disturbing' black ring was spotted hovering over 'the happiest place on earth', aka Disneyland.

While people who go to the California theme park to escape real life and create magical memories, this wasn't the kind of magic they had in mind.

The footage, captured in 2016 by Kyle Hawkins, shows what looks like a gigantic smoke ring descending on crowds from the night sky.

Behind the camera, people can be heard discussing the unusual phenomenon, with one describing it as 'disturbing'.

Understandably shaken by the experience, Kyle wrote: "No idea what this could be... Walking up main street at Disneyland, following the parade.

"Everyone around me starts looking up and pointing at this daunting black ring floating methodically above us.

"It was a windy night, couldn't have been a smoke ring. Everyone watched it in fear/confusion."

He continued: "I half expected an alien portal to open up through this ring as we were gazing up in disbelief... The strangest thing I've ever seen.

"I yanked my phone out to record as soon as I saw this thing, then immediately uploaded to YouTube. This is raw footage, apologize for shakiness."

The bizarre clip was shared on Reddit earlier today (February 14) where people have once again been discussing what's really going on here.

Of course there were a few vape jokes, with one writing: "We get it, you vape."

Onlookers were left baffled by the mysterious ring.
YouTube/Kyle Hawkins

"Voldemort is back," joked another, while a third simply said, "Don't look up."

A number of people reckon it's some kind of portal to another dimension or a glitch in the matrix, but as is often the case with these things, there's a far more logical explanation.

As said by one Redditor, the smoke ring is from the fire blast during the World of Color show at California Adventure.

"I know this because I work there," they said. "I used to lmfao at people freaking out over this."

Makes sense, although they still received a fair bit of scepticism, albeit tongue-in-cheek.

"That’s what an alien would say," quipped one, with another writing, "Explanation bears the hallmarks of a classic alien distraction."

You've got to love the internet, eh?

Dozens of commenters shared similar explanations, including this person who said: "Its a smoke ring from pyrotechnics."

"In Germany, NRW in about 2016 there was the same smoke-ring in the sky," wrote another. "Radio, TV, etc I remember seeing this ring in social media everywhere.

Apparently it's a smoke ring from a fire show.
YouTube/Kyle Hawkins

"Those rings are totally normal and keep happening from a special kind of fireworks. They stay for a few minutes and vanish."

And a third chimed in to say: "This is a smoke ring from a cylinder of gasoline and diesel mixed 50/50, and with a small black powder charge detonated electrically.

"It makes a large fireball. A good way for an amateur to lose their face, but professionally done it is dramatic, and in a large percentage of cases, a smoke ring forms.

"Not mystical, but beautiful." And a little bit creepy.

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