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Twitch streamer defends 'weird' requirement in job advert for her personal assistant
Featured Image Credit: Twitch/QTCinderella

Twitch streamer defends 'weird' requirement in job advert for her personal assistant

She's explained why she included the unusual requirement

A Twitch streamer has responded to criticism surrounding an advert that she posted for a personal assistant who ‘doesn’t hate doing dishes’.

Content creator and former professional baker QTCinderella regularly takes part in baking streams, and occasionally joins up with fellow Twitch streamers to flex her skills.

Earlier this month, she announced that she was looking for a Los Angeles-based personal assistant and shared a list of key attributes that they’d need to have to be successful.

QTCinderella posted an advert for a personal assistant, which received some criticism.

In a post on Twitter, QT explained: “Looking for a personal assistant. WITH:

“Thorough understanding of twitch/streaming space.

“Interest/experience in events.

“Doesn’t hate doing dishes (sorry - baking streams).

“No interest in creating content themselves.

“A vouch from a mutual.

“Lives in LA”.

Seems fair enough, right? But some followers were less than impressed with her requirement for a PA to wash up, with one person commenting: “Baking streams? Okay but why can't you do your own dishes? weird.”


Another said: “Way to go above and beyond the call of duty by making one of the most pretentious job offers on the planet. "Seriously, does she think she’s suddenly a superstar? get a grip with reality you’ve gone too far from it.”

While a third added: “There is one thing on the list that can be fixed with a dishwasher.

"Seems weird for that to be a personal assistant duty but i guess its an LA thing.”

Responding to one critic, QT explained: “It's specific to the content I make. I want to pay for a full-time position but sometimes I do not have enough for someone to do. I usually end up with an hour or 2 of dishes left at the end of my baking streams, and its the worst part of the job so just being upfront with it.”

The streamer has defended her job listing.

And when someone suggested that she was looking for a ‘personal slave’, QT hit back: “.... I am going to be paying them a full time salary.... I’m not sure you understand how jobs work....”

She further clarified the listing during a recent appearance on the Fear& podcast.

“I do baking streams on the weekend,” she explained. “I used to be a professional cake artist. As my job is to push the go live button, so my PA, their job is to keep me on camera for as long as I can.

“So, if I’m exhausted, and I think, ‘Oh, I have two hours worth of dishes,’ I’m gonna end early so I can do those dishes. …so it’s better for the PA to do the dishes for baking streams, specifically.

“I’m being upfront with the worst part Like, I think the worst part of this job is washing dishes.”

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