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Streamer celebrates hitting 100 viewers on Twitch after being stuck on five for months
Featured Image Credit: Twitch/frankiep423

Streamer celebrates hitting 100 viewers on Twitch after being stuck on five for months

Frankiep423 couldn't believe his eyes when the viewer count started jumping.

It can be hard in this age to go viral.

It seems like you have to be the best, loudest, strongest, most outrageous person on the internet to notch up loads of engagements and views, which is why it must be a disheartening world out there for streamers to get a following.

Frankiep423 knows this struggle all too well.

He's only been streaming on Twitch for less than a year, however he's been hovering around the double digits in terms of viewers for months.

To be specific, gaming media personality Jake Lucky says he only had around five people tuning into his livestream for around eight months.

Dexerto says some of his streams managed to rack up around 50 or 60 viewers over the course of the broadcast.

However, he was struggling to make it big.

That all changed when one of Frankie's TikTok videos started getting some traction on the app and that funnelled people to check out his Twitch.

That's where we get the wholesome and beautiful footage of Frankie watching in real-time as his viewer count keeps jumping.

He's seen looking at his phone, which is showing the ever-increasing number, and getting super excited about the sudden online mini-fame.

“Forty viewers? Wait, are we at forty? Don’t lie. They finally put faith in the kid," he can be heard saying.

He was so chuffed with the moment that he brought his 'wonderful' mom into the shot and they both celebrated with a sweet hug.

Jake Lucky posted the clip on Twitter, which has since gone viral and only added to Frankie's streamer list.

Dexerto claims Frankie's latest stream saw more than 1,500 viewers, showing how loads of people are now flocking to see him.

People were blown away by how awesome it was to see the streamer get so excited.

One user said: "Love to see homies from the scene get noticed, so deserved!"

Another added: "This why I always tell people never give up put the work and your desires can be achieved without a doubt."

A third wrote: "Ahhhh my heart!!! what a sweet boy."

But Jake had some wise words for Frankie if he wants to keep the good times rolling.

"You can definitely grow a Twitch audience through TikTok," he said on Twitter. "Just can’t get too used to the inflated viewership and be consistent over time."

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