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Twitch streamer targeted by racist attack during livestream

Twitch streamer targeted by racist attack during livestream

ExtraEmily was surprised at the interruption during her livestream

Twitch users were left shocked when a streamer was interrupted in the middle of a live video by a random member of the public who appeared to make racist remarks about her.

ExtraEmily has amassed more than 100,000 followers on the streaming platform where she plays video games and 'chat[s] about life'.

In a video shared to Twitch's 'Just Chatting' page, Emily spoke to her viewers while enjoying a drink from McDonalds during a livestream filmed when she was out and about.

Her surprise was evident when a member of the public suddenly popped up behind her to shout 'Hi fans, we're here from California!', though Emily initially didn't seem to mind the interruption.

She smiled and clapped as she made room for the woman in the frame, but the interaction quickly went downhill as the woman appeared to make a racist comment regarding Emily's ethnicity.

"I’m on some Chinese-Japanese, I don’t know, some type of sh*t. But, yay, I’m from California!," the woman said to the camera, before making her way back into the bustle of the restaurant.

Emily was surprised at the sudden interruption.

Emily quickly grabbed her drink and said 'oh no', while her comment sections was flooded with questions from confused viewers wondering what had just happened.

The streamer dubbed the video 'McRacist', and commented: "There’s always a first for racists. My first one... How did she do that and then just go behind me like normal. That's wild.”

Emily described feeling as though she had to leave the restaurant as it was 'weird' with the woman sitting just behind her, before trying to continue on with her stream by talking about the drink she had and how it was 'disgusting on opposite day'.

She quickly received support from her fellow internet users, with one describing the interrupting woman as a 'miserable [piece of sh*t]'.

"Probably annoyed of EE streaming at her table but true colors come out instead of asking her to keep it down straight to lowest hanging fruit and say something about her ethnicity," they added.

The woman interrupted Emily as she streamed from McDonalds.

Another commented: "Imagine being this sad that you go out of your way to ruin someones day by being a racist idiot."

One internet user who claimed to be Asian said the woman's comments were 'rude' rather than 'racist', saying: "Nothing racist against Asians. Just some rude lady seeking attention."

However, the title of Emily's video indicates exactly how she felt about the interaction. The video has racked up more than 58,000 views at the time of writing (14 November).

UNILAD has reached out to representatives for ExtraEmily for comment.

Featured Image Credit: ExtraEmily/Twitch

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