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Twitch streamer responds after being accused of having sex on live stream again

Twitch streamer responds after being accused of having sex on live stream again

The creator, known as Kimmikka_, was banned for a week in August after being caught in the act

A Twitch streamer who has already been banned for having sex while on live stream has been accused of doing it again by one of the platform's biggest stars.

Peruvian creator KimMikka_ received a seven-day ban from Twitch back in August after footage of 'Sexgate' surfaced on social media.

The clip itself didn't show any nudity, but a reflection in the bedroom window left no ambiguity as to what was happening just out of shot of the camera.

According to Indy100, one video of the incident has been viewed over 13 million times on Twitter. Further to this, the scandal has once again called into question Twitch's community guidelines, with some complaining that her punishment was too light.

The Twitch streamer received a seven-day ban after she had sex on a live stream.

Where nudity and harassment can lead to substantial bans, Mikka's week-long suspension was regarded by many - including YouTube star JiDion - as preferential treatment, given the severity of her offence.

However, that isn't where the KimMikka_ saga ends, as the 21-year-old is now being accused on having sex again while streaming.

The allegation comes from Hasan Piker, a 30-year-old fellow streamer who goes by HasanAbi on Twitch.

Regularly attracting over 30,000 concurrent viewers, the Turkish-American is one of the most popular (and controversial) political commentators on the platform.

In a recent stream, Piker accused Mikka of slipping up for a second time: “She did it again! After receiving a one-week ban for this before, she has been banned again for having sex on stream.

Fellow Twitch streamer Hasanabi alleged that KimMikka_ has done the deed for a second time while live.
He continued: “While I respect the art and admire her grind I don’t think Twitch is the right place for her. I don’t think they’ll lift her ban this time.”

Clips of Mikka allegedly having sex during other streams flooded Piker's Discord channel, although it soon emerged that all wasn't as it initially seemed.

Mikka insisted that the clips in question were all old, and predate the original stream which got her a seven-day ban.

Earlier this week, the creator told her viewers that rumours of a second offence on Twitch were completely untrue.

She explained: “The first clip was from when I got banned off Twitch but the second clip is very old and is not from Twitch. I have not done this again.”

Despite being a native Spanish speaker, Mikka went to the effort of conveying the message in English, which is - by far - the most ubiquitous language on Twitch.

As of the time of writing, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that the clips of Mikka having sex on stream are new - and therefore ban-worthy.

As Piker stated, if she is found to have violated Twitch's guidelines for a second time, she could be hit with a permanent ban from the platform.

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Featured Image Credit: Kimmikka_/Twitch

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