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Twitch streamer banned after she's caught having sex on stream due to reflection in window

Twitch streamer banned after she's caught having sex on stream due to reflection in window

Things started to escalate very quickly.

It all got very hot and heavy on Twitch after a streamer was caught having sex live on camera due to a reflection in the window.

A streamer, known as Kimmikka, attempted to do a bit of multi-tasking while hosting a stream live on camera a couple of days ago.

Alarm bells began to ring when her facial expressions began to change, but the secret was well and truly out when her partner became visible in the opposite window.

Twitch streamer Kimmikka was caught having sex on stream.

There was no nudity in the video, but the humiliation did not end for the streamer as the video was shared to the Livestreamfail subreddit feed, garnering thousands of views. reports that the streamer told Joe Lucker that the amorous activity was a 'drunken accident' and she promptly ended the broadcast. It makes you wonder why she started the stream in the first place?

The implication for the sexual dalliance does not appear to be too severe for Kimmika, who revealed she had only been suspended from the platform for a week.

UNILAD has reached out to Twitch for comment.

Cynical observers may deduce that the act was an attempt to boost her following, since she only had 231 followers, according to Sullygnome.

But after only launching her account a couple of months ago, she has definitely made a name for herself.

She claimed the act was a 'drunken accident'.

Twitch has never strayed far away from controversy, as a sex addict sued Twitch for $25million after claiming there were too many ‘scantily clad’ female players on the platform.

San Francisco native, Erik Estavillo, said that the players caused him to masturbate so much that he ended up hurting his penis.

A complaint was filed in the County of Santa Clara’s Superior Court on June 15 2020, and stated that Estavillo followed 786 female gamers, but no male streamers.

The list of women continued to increase due to Estavillo having very little control of his sex addiction.

This bizarre and troubling story continues, as the complaint included how Estavillo would use a vibrating Fleshlight sex toy to masturbate as he watched the female streamers.

It was an activity which would cause chaffing, redness and a mild infection. He reportedly had no choice but to use an antibiotic ointment to treat the condition.

If you think this is an odd story, then prepare for it to get even stranger. The man himself claimed he ended up ejaculating onto his computer screen, which prompted it to short circuit and cause a fire in his apartment that led to a blackout.

Sounds like poor Erik was stuck between a rock and a hard place!

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Featured Image Credit: Kimmikka_/Twitch

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