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Twitch streamer banned for 'pleasuring themselves' in front of 5,000 viewers

Twitch streamer banned for 'pleasuring themselves' in front of 5,000 viewers

aielieen1 shocked her followers when she went live on Twitch while pleasuring herself

A Twitch streamer has been reportedly banned from the site after she began masturbating while going live to thousands of followers.

Yep, just when you thought things on the internet couldn't get any worse, they plunge to new depths.

A streamer, going by the handle aielieen1, has been booted off the site, for now at least, reportedly because of her lewd behaviour.

The young Twitcher went live on her channel recently while supposedly pleasuring herself in front of an audience of over 5,000 viewers.

And it appears that she's been reprimanded by the site for her actions.

Content producer @katlienteee claimed on Twitter: "Just when I thought I saw it all...streamer aielieen1 went live on Twitch pleasuring themselves fully nude to over 5k viewers, and subsequently was banned off Twitch.

A Twitch streamer has been supposedly banned for masturbating during a livestream.

"This has many people debating how long her ban would be, as a previous streamer banned for having sex on stream only received a one week ban, whereas Jidion was permabanned for hate raiding Pokimane."

aielieen1 has not yet commented publicly on the situation and UNILAD has reached out to Twitch for comment.

As mentioned above, this isn't the first time a streamer has been banned because of their actions on the site.

Earlier this year, Kimmikka was caught trying to do a bit of multi-tasking while hosting a stream live.

Alarm bells began to ring for some when her facial expressions started to change, but the secret was well and truly out when her partner became visible in the opposite window.

There was no nudity in the video, but the humiliation did not end for the streamer as the video was shared to the Livestreamfail subreddit feed, garnering thousands of views.

However, despite the nature of her sexual dalliance, Kimmika escaped with nothing more than a virtual slap on the wrist, receiving a one-week suspension from the platform.

Kimmikka was banned for a week after she was caught having sex online.

Some cynical observers believed that the act was an attempt to boost her following, since she only had 231 followers at the time.

And back in 2020, a sex addict even took it as far as suing Twitch for $25million after claiming there were too many ‘scantily clad’ female players on the platform.

San Francisco native, Erik Estavillo, said that the players caused him to masturbate so much that he ended up hurting his penis.

A complaint was filed in the County of Santa Clara’s Superior Court on June 15 2020, and stated that Estavillo followed 786 female gamers, but no male streamers.

The list of women continued to increase due to Estavillo having very little control of his sex addiction.

Featured Image Credit: aielieen1/Twitch/Ian Dagnall/Alamy

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