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Tony Danza apologises following uncomfortable red carpet interview
Featured Image Credit: rye_myers/TikTok

Tony Danza apologises following uncomfortable red carpet interview

The 72-year-old has apologised after a video went viral of Danza seemingly belittling a journalist at a Broadway premiere.

Tony Danza has apologised for his awkward interview on the red carpet.

The 72-year-old came under fire for his interaction with interviewer, Rye Myers, who had been at the opening night of the Broadway show, New York, New York.

The Who’s The Boss star and producer Jamie deRoy were interviewed by Myers on the red carpet, where Danza is seemingly caught off guard by his enthusiasm and tells the young journalist to 'relax'.

However, things seem to quickly escalate from there as Danza seems less than impressed with Myers's questions.

Myers then asks the veteran performer which New York food staple he prefers, pizza or hot dogs.

Though the question seemingly fits in with the Broadway show they are about to see, Danza seemingly looked unimpressed with the question.

Cupping Myers’s cheek, he tells the interviewer: “You know what you’ve got to do, buddy, you’ve got to come up with better questions.”

The Taxi actor then walks into the theatre, saying he had ‘to go’ as he made a hasty exit.

Thrown by the awkward interaction, Myers later uploaded the interview to TikTok with the clip going viral shortly after and rapidly gaining over 130k views in just two days.

After the video went viral, Myers revealed that Danza had apologised and took the social media platform to give an update on the situation.

Ryan Myers posted the interview to TikTok.

According to Myers, the veteran actor has since called him personally to ‘squash the beef’.

Speaking about the call in a follow-up video on TikTok, the Broadway reporter said: “I just wanted to let you know that I did hear from Tony Danza earlier today, he called me to apologise and squash the beef.”

Continuing, he told his followers: “It was great to hear from him and certainly much appreciated…thank you for all your support in these last 24 hours, it’s been insane.”

UNILAD has reached out to Tony Danza's reps for additional comment.

In the comments, viewers praised Myer for his professionalism and his ability to overlook Danza's comment.

One commenter wrote: “Red carpet questions are always very surface and fun. You’re a class act! I’m proud of you!!”

Others agreed, with another adding: “New follower here. You handled it so well. Bravo to you!”

To which the journalist replied: “Thanks for the follow!...thank you so much. Didn’t except or need an apology but was kind of him to call.”

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