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Tekashi 6ix9ine breaks silence for first time since being brutally attacked

Tekashi 6ix9ine breaks silence for first time since being brutally attacked

The rapper was attacked by several men at a gym in Florida and he's spoken out for the first time

The rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has broken his silence for the first time since footage of him being brutally attacked in a gym surfaced.

According to his attorney Lance Lazzaro, Tekashi 6ix9ine, real name Daniel Hernandez, was hanging out in a gym in South Florida on 21 March when he was allegedly jumped by a number of attackers.

He tried to defend himself but ended up being brutally beaten, with police and an ambulance called to the scene of the attack.

The rapper was then taken to hospital so his injuries could be treated and images of him in a hospital bed covered in cuts and bruises have since been shown.

Tekashi 6ix9ine did not have any bodyguards around him at the Florida gym, though there have been some accusations levelled at his personal bodyguard Bam-Bam claiming that he orchestrated the attack.

Bam-Bam has vehemently denied these accusations and challenged the men who beat up the rapper to a 'fight to the death', offering to pay them $1,000 if they managed to win.

His ex-girlfriend Sara Molina, with whom he has a seven-year-old daughter, also spoke out to say the attack would be 'embarrassing' for their child and openly questioned why her ex didn't have any bodyguards around him.

But now, the rapper himself has finally broken his silence after the attack, posting content to his Instagram account which included a video of the attack itself and a music video featuring clips of him in a hospital bed.

Tekashi 6ix9ine was taken to hospital for his injuries.

His first post featured a plug for his new music video and carried the caption: "IM BACK THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CALLED AND REACHED OUT. I LOVE YOU GUYS FOREAL."

He then followed this up with footage of him being attacked at the gym, showing Tekashi curled up in a ball on a bathroom floor attempting to protect himself while three men attacked him and a fourth filmed it.

"First time addressing the situation." he wrote in the Instagram post yesterday (31 March).

"For 2 years I been walking around with no security. Not saying I promote that BUT now you see I really never hid from anything."

"If you ever crossed my path or ever came to my house (you girls know who you are) ya can tell the world 'Danny drives his own cars and be solo' You know how many of you people seen me in real life by myself in gas stations, supermarkets, restaurants, etc."

The rapper posted footage of the attack to Instagram along with a message.

"Anyway what happen here was nothing but cowardly. I’m not mad this happened. In the street there’s no rules so I cant say they were wrong. Obviously it wasn’t fair but again the streets has no rules."

"Just imagine having nothing to do to with a situation and feel obligated to make it your business. (Very weird) I’m happy to be here still. And I want to say I love my fans. Thank you."

"P.S : I never knew we respected jumping people. When did that ever become a W???"

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@ONLYinDADE / Instagram/@6ix9ine

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