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Tekashi 6ix9ine gets rushed to hospital after being beaten by group of men at gym sauna

Tekashi 6ix9ine gets rushed to hospital after being beaten by group of men at gym sauna

He's suffered some pretty serious injuries to his jaw, ribs and his back.

Tekashi 6ix9ine has been attacked by a group of men at a gym sauna.

The controversial rapper's attorney, Lance Lazzaro, has told TMZ that the 26-year-old was hanging out at a gym in South Florida on Tuesday (March 21).

Tekashi, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, was apparently minding his own business at the LA Fitness sauna when he was jumped by a bunch of unknown attackers.

Lazzaro says the rapper did his best to fight off the men however there were too many and they beat him to a pulp.

The brawl caused quite the commotion and gym staff quickly alerted emergency services.

Police and an ambulance were dispatched to the gym and they felt Tekashi's injuries were so bad that he needed to be taken to hospital.

Instagram/Tekashi 6ix9ine

A photo posted by TMZ shows Hernandez sitting on a hospital bed with cuts and bruises on his face.

It's unknown why the group of men attacked the 26-year-old but they damaged his jaw, ribs and his back in the beating.

Lance Lazzaro says he will be calling on federal authorities to give him protection when he's out in public.

Hernandez didn't have any security with him when he was at LA Fitness.

Lazzaro believes this might need to change after the rapper snitched on some of his fellow gang members to the police.

6ix9ine was arrested back in 2018 and given nine overlapping charges for gun possession, attempted murder and gang activity.

He initially pleaded not guilty, but then switched his plea to guilty as of January 2019.

Within this same time period, it was reported that Hernandez had opted to cooperate with the government.

However, it was later understood that he had begun working with the prosecution the very next day after his arrest.

He was staring down the barrel of nearly 50 years behind bars, but that was cut down to just two after he worked with the prosecution.

The rapper didn't even end up serving the full 24 months as his lawyer managed to get him out early over fears he could catch coronavirus.

While many called him a snitch for that act, he insisted back in 2021 that he was nothing of the sort.

He told TMZ: "I wasn’t snitching. What I was doing was being smart and realised that God put me there to cut more grass to see the snakes in my grass."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Tekashi6ix9ine

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