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Tekashi 6ix9ine’s ex girlfriend says gym attack was embarrassing for daughter

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s ex girlfriend says gym attack was embarrassing for daughter

She's given her views on the recent attack

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s ex-girlfriend has shared his views on the rapper's beating at an LA Fitness gym in Palm Beach County earlier this week.

The controversial rapper, real name Daniel Hernandez, had visited the gym without a body guard or any security staff when he was set upon by a group of men, his lawyer Lance Lazzaro said. You can see footage of the moments leading up to the attack here:

In further footage shared on social media, the 26-year-old can be seen lying on the floor of the bathroom while two other men kick him repeatedly.

The brawl caused quite the commotion and gym staff eventually alerted emergency services.

Police and an ambulance were dispatched to the gym and they felt Hernandez's injuries were so bad that he needed to be taken to hospital.

Now, Sara Molina, the rapper's ex girlfriend who he shares a seven-year-old daughter with, has told TMZ that the incident will embarrass daughter Saraiyah.

Speaking through a representative, Molina said it was ‘sad’ that their little girl will see and learn about his very public altercations when she’s older - and that the attack has embarrassed both the rapper and Saraiyah.

Sara Molina shares a seven-year-old daughter with the rapper.

She also claimed that Hernandez had been ‘reckless’ by not having security staff with him at the gym and that she was ‘surprised’ he was ‘walking around like he can’t be touched’.

Molina’s rep also mentioned a recent incident which saw Hernandez being kicked out of World Baseball Classic for being too drunk.

In the wake of the attack, Hernandez’s bodyguard has challenged his attackers to a fight to the death for $10,000.

The identities of the men involved remain unknown, but rumours began circulating online that bodyguard Bam Bam was somehow a part of it.

In a post to his Instagram account, Bam Bam hit back at the haters and said he had nothing to do with the attack.

Molina has said the attack will 'embarrass' the pair's daughter.

Sharing a video from CCTV footage, which allegedly shows the attackers entering the gym, he wrote: "So he couldn't just do it alone, he called for back up when he saw an opportunity. 69 grown man n he wanted to do cardio on his own he be outside like that.

"I can't control him, but to say I set him up, false allegations, something minorities be used to, we be set up."

Confident of his chances against the alleged attackers, Bam Bam said he'd fork out $10,000 if the group could get the better of him.

He added: "SO THISE GUYS IN THE VIDEO 3 n 4 counting camera guy .. 4 vs 1 y’all weak ass bitches against me .. you win I pay you 10,000$ n if you lose you die .. there will be no ref.. CLAIM IT GANGSTAS [sic]."

Featured Image Credit: @‌bam_bambrand/Snapchat / @tekashi69/Instagram

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